I’m Not Sick!

oh how exciting it is to be feeling good again. being healthy feels 10x better after not being healhy. haha but things are good! nothin really knew on the investigator front. didnt even get a chance to meet with any of them actually. met a group of guys at the disc golf course – thats pretty big around here and my comp absolutely loves it. but we went as a contacting effort, and played with a group from utah. the oldest guy was like, “are you mormons!?” and i was like “yep!” and he said “atta baby. arent too many of them round here much more” hahaha he was from utah and made us promise that we wouldnt be trying to recruit. but he was interested in how our “recruiting” is around here. he said he got too much of it when he lived in utah. nice guys, it was the old guy, – mustve been ex military – his son – juuuust got out of the military – there friends a dad and son that kept more quiet. haha i think at the least they got to see that mormons are people too. we can enjoy the sport of disc golf and just be nice and talk to them. werent quite ready for a gospel lesson but maybe one day.

we have continued to meet with members and teach them lessons kinda for “practice” but still for them too. we apply it to them the best we feel we can. but yeah im excited once i get used to this altitude ill be able to run forever. theres this hike they have here, called “the incline” bum bum bum…. but apparently its a mile hike up, but a 2000 foot increase in altitude. my comp said he wont take me till i get more acclimated. a good thing im sure. itd be a little awkward if i passed out completely. haha but one day. one day i shall. that charge on my account actually wasnt a helmet, but i did get to borrow a helmet from the mission office atleast for now. the charge was for disc golf discs. my comp has like 9 diffferent ones and ive been learning. i can not throw a disc normal for some reason but i can forehand pretty darn well. so we stopped in at the store that sells discs thats right by the mission office, after going there. so i bought two discs, there like golf clubs, drivers, fairway drivers, approach (like an iron or wedge) and putters. i got a fairway and putter, but im pretty sure thats all ill ever need. haha were gonna be playing later today. with some sisters. there are courses all over and theyre usually free. its pretty sweet.

but for dad, yeah the goals are a good idea probably. we have a daily goals thing and those help, but we might need more specifics, like were gonna spend x amount of time contacting new people somehow.

i should be buying some winter clothes today, and maybe a pair of cargo shorts. haha we do service allll the time during the week and apparently we actually can wear normal shorts. everyone does. ive just been wearing gym shorts part of the time and my cargo pants other parts. ive got a few things to have you send if you can, ill add the little list in later. i really packed light, but it was nice for the plane ride.

i got the package and that was awesome! so exciting. thank you for everything. the snacks are awesome! i was feeling like i didnt wanna pay for snacks like granola bars and stuff so it was perfect that you sent some!! i love the mints too. i eat them all the time. my comp is a snacker and he always has a little butterscotch thing in his mouth. and the mints fill my random munchy desire all the time. its great. ill probably eat like 50 cans of em by the time im home. haha

but yeah i heard nathans talk was absolutely amazing. i cant believe he goes in so soon. time really flies out here. its insane. ive almost been out a month. and looking back its like wow, thats been a long time and a lot has happened. but its flown by so fast…

speaking of fast. dad i got to sit in and rev a 2008 corvette z06 and a 2015 corvette stingray. aaaand i got a ride in a 1998 corvette. there are a lot of corvette people around here. haha theres a member that is moving and on friday we went to help him. got so much done for him. he had 2 fridge/ freezers and a big flat freezer box thing. and they were taking a fride with them, but leaving one. so we did some fridge moving and they had to unoload a freezer. so we got 9 frozen pizzas, 2 gallons of ice cream, and a bunch of hot pocket, and little italiain pasta pot pie things. haha it was awesome. his name is brother n. and he ran a corvette center (i think his dad is taking it over). so they buy sell and fix up all sorts of corvettes. i saw those from afar and they have a couple old 60s stingrays that looked gorgeous. but hes in between corvettes of his own, but his 16 year old son jsut got the 1998 corvette because he wrecked the old one he had…. not fair – apparently he races. which is pretty cool. so bro n. took us for a ride in the corvette because i had never ridden in one. but the ones we gott o sit in and rev were through a less active weve been working with. hes got some rough family life situation and is raising two little kids on his own, and trying to get more custody time with the third that is a little baby (from a diferent marriage). he works at a dealership in springs so we stopped by to say hi and see how he was doing and he let us start up and sit in and rev a couple corvettes. totally awesome. i was bummed that i didnt have my camera with me but i do a have a pic in the 98 corvette i rode in. ill send that. but brother n. advice for us was to stay in school, get good grades and buy a corvette as soon as we can and dont let our wives talk us out of it. hahah dad they are amazingly roomy inside and are totally awesome.

oh and the less active at the car dealership was telling us about the new chevy colorado coming out.. its coming out in a diesel thats suppose to be totally awesome. dad check that out too.. ahaha

we also got a 10 lb rack of ribs from a food bank we do service for. and one of the counselors in the bishopric is super into smoking meat (him and adam would have some gooood ideas to swap) he was telling me all about the goodness that he makes when we dropped the meat off yesterday for him to smoke this week. i was drooling like crazy. but th food here by the way is pretty darn good. it seems to usually be mexican, which is great! haha people make some goood mexican food here. haha its a surprsingly diverse town and feels like home sometimes. not quite the same as the yoch but definitely more similar than i expected.

oh so i got that helmet, but we stil havent ridden yet, we probably will this week cause i think were gonna run out of miles we can use on the car if we dont. haha oh i sent a letter the other day, it has a little gift inside, but lemme know if you get it, if not, i think i know why…. hahaha ill tell ya if you dont get it.

thats so awesome for jordan. when does he start playing at stanford? thatll be insane…. so apparently the girl my comp is writing is a grade younger than me, but she is an insane volleyball player and is getting recruited by a bunch of schools. so we talk about volleyball too and i help him understand some of the stuff she says like how she was hitting ten footline. haha so we play sports saturday afternoons with members for them to bring friends with them for us to meet. sometimes people bring friends but saturday was our first go around at beach volleyball and we didnt have any nonmembers. but a family – the c’s – came and played. that was awesome. haha we also had one other girl from the ward that played in high school. we had a super fun game and are gonna play every saturday now. so thatll be fun. i need to get a ball. i kinda liked the ball nathan had bought for outdoor but idk how much that one cost…

ooh i forgot to tell you a funny story in last weeks letter. so two saturdays ago we did service helping a mud run take down their obstacles (doing a lot more service projects than i expected) it was cool to see some of the course even though the jist of it had been done already. but they gave us a cool tshirt which is good cause i didnt bring that many… haha – like i said more service projects than i expected. but anyway the final thing we were helping with was the big cargo nets. they were metal a frames like 20 feet tall and had massive cargo nets draped over so you had climb up and over. the nets are hooked on the corner and the for the first one they used the fork lift tractor thing to raise a guy up there to unhook it. they moved the tractor away and we started pulling off til we realized the other corner was hooked. there was a support beam probably 25 feet long (at a steeeeeep angle, going up to 20 feet height) going up to the socket where it was hooked. so they realized we couldnt get it off until we unhooked it. at this point the net was hanging floppy and loose no longer attached at the sides. just that top corner. so when everyone was like ahhh dang it. i jumped and grabbed the pole,and climbed up it to the top and hanging on with just one hand and my feet (slipping) i reached and unhooked it from the corner. then fireman slid down the pole.  haaaha everyone cheered (itwas only like 5 people) but it was super fun and reminded me of ninja warrior. haha

love you guys so much, and hope for the best for you guys

elder stark

this is the corvette i got to ride in. it was preeeety sweet. esepecially for being a 1998... makes the saturn look like a little bit less of a speed demon from her days... haha
this is the corvette i got to ride in. it was preeeety sweet. esepecially for being a 1998… makes the saturn look like a little bit less of a speed demon from her days… haha



August 17, 2015

more beautiful Colorado sky

so im here. a town known as Fountain, Colorado. its seems like a pretty cool place. my address is 107 E Ohio Ave Apt 3

fountain, CO 80817

im excited to be here, but the altiude is killing me. saturday we played basketball in the morning and granted i think i had woken up with a fever, i played too hard none the less. i threw up when i got home. elder h. (my companion) said im the loudest puker ever. haha nathan can probably attest to that. but anyway, i was super exhausted because of that, and i got a super bad headache that still hasnt gone away. sunday i had crazy body chills at times and bad body aches. basically its what i played with in the ncs champs game. haha and san luis obispo tournament. its been rough. im feeling better today, but the head, shoulders, and neck are pretty achy. pretty grateful for the oscilliocinum or however you spell that, but i used it all up now. haha atleast i think. i only saw the one pack of 3 in there. and ive been putting thieves on my feet. and i think that helped. last night i had a 102.1 fever. and i thought i was feeling a little better at that point.

thats pretty funny that dad and jeff blessed the sacrament. i blessed it here yesterday cause their priests came late. haha what a welcoming.

oh so my companion. elder h. hes from west haven utah, just outside of ogden. hes a major car guy so thats sweet. he has his baby back home thats a 1972 mustang. hes been restoring it was his dad for a long while now. 302 engine and 3 speed manual, on the floor. hadnt heard of that before. hes a super cool guy and we get along well. im his first trainee so im his “first boy” and he was telling me about my granpda (his trainer) haha so i guess if i train, thatll be my boy, and hunter will be his grandpa. funny stuff.

that brings me to the mission president. president rehm (reem). super cool, totally loving.. doesnt seem very strict at all… i expected him to be different. the mission goal is just one new investigator a week. thats nothing.

thanks for the ninja warrior update, thats so crazy that a dude can do the salmon ladder with a single hand. that is insane. goals right there. i totally want to get a salmon ladder after my mission. thatd be awesome. ive actually lost weight so far believe it or not. im down to about 190 even i think. before i got sick, waking up at 6:30 was easy peasy – in the mtc my room and i decided to get up at 6 to get to the showers before everyone. and being in bed at 10:30, thats nice. sometimes its been earlier due to quick planning session, and me being sick. haha

i feel like you guys learned more about the de leons in that one visit than ive known about them from the 6 years i home taught them. but they are awesome. i miss them. send them my love. oh that reminds me. so at the mtc we do whats called TRC its a program where we get an investigator of our own, and sometimes theyre members, sometimes they arent. we dont know whether or not they are is the idea. oh yeah so the reason i brought this up is because they also do trc member lessons, which is basically home teaching. hanson and i only got to do it once but we had the sweetest old lady, sister g., all three of us shed tears at one point or another. she had an amazing story and was so awesome to talk to. but anyway as we were learning what this was supposed to be like they talked about our missionary purpose. the first line is “invite others to come unto christ” and the point was that “others” includes EVERYONE including members. including the prophet even. and theres always something we can do to help others grow closer to Christ. the way we do so as missionaries is by inviting them to make commitments, for investigators well ask them to be baptized or to follow some commandment. but with members we need to look at it the same way. we need to look and say how can we help them grow closer to Christ, then commit them to it.

i thought that was a cool perspective to have on home teaching and id like to apply that after my mission still. lets hope i actually do.. ahha

thats so cool that nana and grandpa got to hear my talk. go shelley. haha thats kinda funny though i think.

thats too bad i missed you at the airport. i wondered if that would happen though. but good thing dad picked up. i didnt call kara but i was going to if dad didnt answer. my buddy and i learned the hard way to use a calling card.. haha but its okay cause we wouldnt have had time to use it all anyway we were just super confused at first.

i miss my district from the mtc actually. we got so close and i cant believe half of them are in washington.

oh so the g. [family] were one of the first families we went to on my first day and she mentioned being from layton i think. and i was like hold up you know any hymas or starks? and she was like annette anderson? and i was like holy cow thats my aunt. haha. that was so cool honestly. i couldnt believe it.

oh so our current investigators are w., a, and one more i havent met. i dont think were gonna be able to carry on with him according to h [companion].

he  hasnt made progress for months. rough situation. then a. was dating a  guy in the ward but they broke up – teenagers… and now the family doesnt want anything to do with her but like the day after they broke up she had apparently texted us (before i was actaully here) saying she wanted to be baptized. so were not sure if its out of spite or what but she came to church Sunday. hopefully shes finding it for herself.

yes we had way more food than we could handle lol. that was a good problem to have though. i left most of my stuff with elders going to washington in my room because they left the day after us. traveling was interesting. bus to train to train to tiny plane. haha we had to get so much luggage off of the train as fast as we could i swear we set a world record.

oh so we went and got food the day after i got here. i was a little overwhelmed and was like i dont know what to get. and worried about money. so mom youll have to forgive me. i bought sandwich meat – turkey – with nitrites. im doomed. hahahahah

ill send some pictures in another email. i dont have many though.. haha but it is super pretty here… i hear further up north is pretty affluent, so when dad buys all of us kids a ford raptor thatll be the sign that he can move to parker. the membership is apparently super strong there too.

oh so i have my bike. its awesome… looking atleast. i havent ridden it because i dont know where my helmet went. i grabbed my luggage and my companion grabbed my bike and in the excitement of things i didnt even think about the fact that i didnt have a helmet with it. the lady in the mission office said she saw it at one point but didnt know where it was lol.

so we have the one of the newest cars in the mission. a 2015 subaru legacy. awd. only a 4-cyl not too much pickup but not terrible. my comp let me drive it once, but hes suppose to be driving. hopefully ill start to pick up on the whereabouts of stuff. im pretty lost. it was hard when i realized the mountains are on the west now.. haha

but i love you guys so much. hope things are well. have fun with the empty nesters.

Elder Stark

ps they all call me tony now…

a little table at the MTC that worked nicely as a drum
a little table at the MTC that worked nicely as a drum


plane to train to tiny plane
plane to train to tiny plane
couple of MTC buddies
couple of MTC buddies
beautiful Colorado skies
beautiful Colorado skies

more beautiful Colorado sky

beautiful Colorado skies
beautiful Colorado skies
couple of MTC buddies
couple of MTC buddies
plane to train to tiny plane
plane to train to tiny plane


a little table at the MTC that worked nicely as a drum
a little table at the MTC that worked nicely as a drum

Missionary Training Center, aka MTC, Provo, UT

Provo Temple @MTC
Provo Temple @MTC
District at MTC
District at MTC

HEYO! how are things?? im emailing, and its really exciting. btw first off, letters and packages are super exciting to get. i got three letters today, the one from you guys with all the cards, and one from mel and one from mckenna. but things are awesome here. my district is legit. i dont think i can send pictures from the mtc for some reason but i will when i can. so im the district leader of what was 4 elders going to colorado springs, 4 going to washington (state) and one sister going to each. but a sister from our zone went home so her companion is with us half the time. and theres a guy going to canada that got called in early to the mtc so hes hear a week longer.

we watched a talk by bednar called character of christ. it was given in the mtc on christmas awhile back and they play it every sunday since then because its so good. its long but soooooo worth it. he talks about buying a softback book of mormon when you have a question and dedicating the whole book to finding an answer. the idea is to read the whole thing cover to cover highlighting everything that applies. then one day youll have a book shelf of all book of mormon s with each answering some question youve had in life. my comp and i each picked up a copy and are going to do that. but if you have the time one sunday or something you guys should allllll totally watch it. every single person. haha it was so inspiring. we also got to hear russell m nelson. he came on tuesday and spoke to us. that was aweosome as well of course. hes a great guy. for that devotional, my comp and i, along with TWO THIRDS OF THE MTC sang in the choir. we sang be still my soul. it was really cool but might as well have been the congregation.

the director of the choir was super cool. he was a funny guy and works well with 1100+ people. haha but ill bet you know who he is. i dont know what his name was but he seemed like the type of guy that youd have known from byu or something. haha

oh but yeah our district is soo fun and cool. weve grown soo much. atleast i know i have. this place can be tough but my district has figured out pretty well how to keep things unwound at times. haha

the food isnt bad. but only having three meals a day kinda bites – pardon the pun. a kid in our district is from american fork so his mom sends packages and letters like crazy, so we all eat his stuff. thanks for the cinnamon rolls too by the way. those are grand. if you wanna send stuff i mean you totally can 😉 haha

not sure when ill get to email again cause we go to colorado monday afternoon, which is probably p day. so not sure if ill get a chance then or not. the rest of our district has some more colorado spring kids which is sweeet. but theres also some going to…. wait for it……. POCATELLO, IDAHO. so i took a pic and ill have to send it to bailey cause i told them to look out for an hermana brown. theres some super fun guys and weve all grown pretty close. theyre some goons for sure.

 oh thanks for sending that poem i cant beleive i forgot to pack it. its one cayson gave to me and im excited to share it with my district. hopefully itll help them out too.

i love you guys so much and ive been really good about writing in my journal (thanks again kara and eric) so i can recap that if i remember to bring it to computers next time. haha but this is honestly an amazing place to be and im learning so much. ive realized how funny it is cause almost everything we do in this gospel, or life in general no matter how much we think we understand and expect were wrong. it truly requires a step of faith to do anything. the lord will test our faith befor giving us knowledge. the lord gives us a thought that helps us go for it, but we get there and find out we were wrong but good thing we had faith. i dont know if that made sense but a lot of stuff makes sense in my head.

oh and we dont have any more gym time which is a bummer but thats alright. i played 2 days of basketball – did surprisingly good on knockout one of the days. and tw days on indoor volleyball, one day of beach. most the volleyball is pe status. kinda lame. but one day was really good cause i found a kid here from byu volleyball camp last year and we had a good game going. they have a pull up bar in the residence halls which is cool so ive showed off a little there but cant do what i could before. still kinda surprised myself though. ive actually surprised myself with a lot of things. blessings i guess. haha

and oh! ninja warrior?? hows it doing? have they got to vegas finals yet? i wanna see how everyone does. a lot of the top guys are from colorado, maybe ill meet them there haha but i wanna know if anyone does surprsingly well in finals. haha

the Lord is amazing, loves us like no other, and the Savior is the best.

dont forget it

and dont forget me:) much love and im doing good. dont forget to forward this to people that wanna hear, id feel bad. haha

love you guys so much

elder ironman

ps learning the english language is tough without slang