Missionary Training Center, aka MTC, Provo, UT

Provo Temple @MTC
Provo Temple @MTC
District at MTC
District at MTC

HEYO! how are things?? im emailing, and its really exciting. btw first off, letters and packages are super exciting to get. i got three letters today, the one from you guys with all the cards, and one from mel and one from mckenna. but things are awesome here. my district is legit. i dont think i can send pictures from the mtc for some reason but i will when i can. so im the district leader of what was 4 elders going to colorado springs, 4 going to washington (state) and one sister going to each. but a sister from our zone went home so her companion is with us half the time. and theres a guy going to canada that got called in early to the mtc so hes hear a week longer.

we watched a talk by bednar called character of christ. it was given in the mtc on christmas awhile back and they play it every sunday since then because its so good. its long but soooooo worth it. he talks about buying a softback book of mormon when you have a question and dedicating the whole book to finding an answer. the idea is to read the whole thing cover to cover highlighting everything that applies. then one day youll have a book shelf of all book of mormon s with each answering some question youve had in life. my comp and i each picked up a copy and are going to do that. but if you have the time one sunday or something you guys should allllll totally watch it. every single person. haha it was so inspiring. we also got to hear russell m nelson. he came on tuesday and spoke to us. that was aweosome as well of course. hes a great guy. for that devotional, my comp and i, along with TWO THIRDS OF THE MTC sang in the choir. we sang be still my soul. it was really cool but might as well have been the congregation.

the director of the choir was super cool. he was a funny guy and works well with 1100+ people. haha but ill bet you know who he is. i dont know what his name was but he seemed like the type of guy that youd have known from byu or something. haha

oh but yeah our district is soo fun and cool. weve grown soo much. atleast i know i have. this place can be tough but my district has figured out pretty well how to keep things unwound at times. haha

the food isnt bad. but only having three meals a day kinda bites – pardon the pun. a kid in our district is from american fork so his mom sends packages and letters like crazy, so we all eat his stuff. thanks for the cinnamon rolls too by the way. those are grand. if you wanna send stuff i mean you totally can 😉 haha

not sure when ill get to email again cause we go to colorado monday afternoon, which is probably p day. so not sure if ill get a chance then or not. the rest of our district has some more colorado spring kids which is sweeet. but theres also some going to…. wait for it……. POCATELLO, IDAHO. so i took a pic and ill have to send it to bailey cause i told them to look out for an hermana brown. theres some super fun guys and weve all grown pretty close. theyre some goons for sure.

 oh thanks for sending that poem i cant beleive i forgot to pack it. its one cayson gave to me and im excited to share it with my district. hopefully itll help them out too.

i love you guys so much and ive been really good about writing in my journal (thanks again kara and eric) so i can recap that if i remember to bring it to computers next time. haha but this is honestly an amazing place to be and im learning so much. ive realized how funny it is cause almost everything we do in this gospel, or life in general no matter how much we think we understand and expect were wrong. it truly requires a step of faith to do anything. the lord will test our faith befor giving us knowledge. the lord gives us a thought that helps us go for it, but we get there and find out we were wrong but good thing we had faith. i dont know if that made sense but a lot of stuff makes sense in my head.

oh and we dont have any more gym time which is a bummer but thats alright. i played 2 days of basketball – did surprisingly good on knockout one of the days. and tw days on indoor volleyball, one day of beach. most the volleyball is pe status. kinda lame. but one day was really good cause i found a kid here from byu volleyball camp last year and we had a good game going. they have a pull up bar in the residence halls which is cool so ive showed off a little there but cant do what i could before. still kinda surprised myself though. ive actually surprised myself with a lot of things. blessings i guess. haha

and oh! ninja warrior?? hows it doing? have they got to vegas finals yet? i wanna see how everyone does. a lot of the top guys are from colorado, maybe ill meet them there haha but i wanna know if anyone does surprsingly well in finals. haha

the Lord is amazing, loves us like no other, and the Savior is the best.

dont forget it

and dont forget me:) much love and im doing good. dont forget to forward this to people that wanna hear, id feel bad. haha

love you guys so much

elder ironman

ps learning the english language is tough without slang


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