Sept 8, 2015

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sorry that the email is on tuesday this week! we use city libraries and they close on labor day! haha so emails are today.

i did hear about the byu game. it was pretty crazy. i met a nebraska (is that who it was?) the day of the game that my comp and his previous comp had played disc golf with before and he was like hey im playing against you mormons today! haha hes a funny old guy thats like crazy good.

so this week. i emailed you last monday morning. and the rest of the day included some disc golf with another companionship. it was a guy that came out with elder hunter, and anothe district leader from my zone in the mtc, elder clancy from south carolina with an accent and everything. hes super cool though. so we got about 7 holes in and it started pooooouring on us like no other. so we ended a little early and the companionships went our separate ways. haha we went to walmart to pick up some more groceries, then to a sports store that had super cool football nike dri fit t shirts for 4 dollars! so we bought matching shirts. theyre actually CU shirts (colorado university) but it dont matta.

but we also went to this pet store that a member from our ward frequents for his fish. his name is brother wayne arnold (knows nana and grandpa from like ’02). he was a convert in ’01 and is like 60 years old now. he is the sweetest guy and absolutely loves the missionaries- especially helping us with stuff. he does our laundry most p days for us. and this friday is feeding like 10 missionaries at his house. so we decided to buy him a fish. well i bought it, and my comp named it ironman. hahaha we took it over to him and added it to his 50 gallon tank of cool fish. he loves it.

tuesday we had zone conference. its from 9am to 430 pm. insanely long and a  bit slow. but it was good. after we stopped by a recent convert that moved out of our ward to see how he was doing. he apparently had a little relapse with alcohol and him and his wife (a life long less active) are separated and thats why he moved. but were gonna pass him to the missionaries in his area. hopefully he picks things up and does well. but then we had dinner with the C family. she is a british woman and her american husband with some young kids there from their marriage, one there from a previous marriage anf a few others out of the house. anyway, they have a little farm. and we do service for them a lot. i think were going over there tomorrow. we usually do like 6 or so hours when we go though. but anyway after dinner, i milked one of their goats!! and she was sharing books about great britain and its landmarks. shes from southern england and it looks super pretty. but what really got me was scotland. i want to go there soooo bad now. it was so gorgeous.

wednesday was service at the C’s for super long. cutting down maaaaassive branches like 6 to 8 inches thick. with a sawzall. elder hunter was climbing in the tree to cut them and i was catching them. he has a way of taking the fun or easy jobs and leaving me the short end of the stick haha. but yeah it was some insane stuff and only right before a massive branch got cut and fell at me did i realize how stupid the idea really was.. haha but it was fun. sister c said we sound like a married couple sometimes. hahaha that night though we had dinner with the h’s – quiet and slightly awkward at first. but nice people. black dad and white mom. nice kids. we went to mutual that night. it was glow in the dark volleyball – pathetic. but then we just flipped on the lights and it was okay. fun still but nothing special.

then that night i got dropped off in the other ward for exchanges again. this time i was with the district leader’s junior comp. cool kid. elder johnson.

so thursday we went and did some contacting at a park that had a disc golf course in their area. we talked to a bunch of people and passed out pass along cards and even 2 book of mormon’s. super cool experience but still havent gotten to do that in my area… but we switched back early so that i could meet the g’s. sister g is german, active member and recognized that stark means strong. haha but shes super nice. but her husband is a nonmember ex military guy that they call grumpy. like that is literally his nickname eeeeveryone calls him. hes sooo funny though. hes short and stout and seems almost deaf. but he showed us a lot of his guns – super cool old novelty guns most of em – and then his cool collections. he collects coins like no other. has almost every year and version of like every coin. haha he is such a character! but after that we went to the s’s. a young family in the ward- to teach their 7 yr old the lessons before getting baptized in a couple months. they have a 4 yr old, 7 yr old, and like 13 yr old i think. super funny little kids and they were showing us their nerf guns and airsoft guns. then the dad took me and elder hunter to see his real guns. he had some sweeeet guns. so i got to hold like 30 guns in one night. we didnt get around to our lesson with them but were developing a good relationship with them and they had us over again on saturday.

friday was zone training for a few hours which was alright. kinda funny. but then after lunch we went to help sister g move and were pretty much there the rest of the night. that would be when you got the picture. haha thats so cool that you got to chat with hunters mom. but yeah hunter is super cool and we have a ton in common.

we went and did service for “gods pantry” its the thrift store thing that is beneath our apartment. it turned out to be really good that we went because they had had a bunch of volunteers bail and we did a bunch of work for them. then was dinner with the s’s. we had pizza and a massive nerf war. we have a big nerf sniper in our apartrment that a moving family gave hunter awhile back. and the s’s have a ton. so we took our sniper and had a big war with them and the kids had a blast. then the little girl wanted to play cards so we all played some go fish and spoons and it was a bunch of fun. we didnt share a lesson but the parents were super appreciative of the spirit we bring into the home just by being there. it wasnt til sunday that i realized theyve only come to church once while ive been here and they didnt go this past sunday. so im hoping as we continue to come and share actual lessons well help them come more. they just moved in a month or two ago. oh! and the kids wanted to give us a bunch of their darts and another gun so they did. and as were walking away the 4 yr old runs out and gives us HIS gun. it was so sweet. and now hunter and i shoot eachother all the time. hahaha

sunday was fast sunday. not easy. haha but good none the less. we had dinner with the l’s- dads a hunter just got another elk this weekend. he needed to make room in his freezer from last years elk. so they fed us elk steaks! pretty yummy stuff. i love talking to peopple about hunting and shooting cause almost everyone does. we also went to try and contact some less actives after dinner but with no luck..

and yesterday for p day. that was a good day. we had some members drive us up to cabelas! i looked for a jacket and some winter stuff and a backpack but we werent there long. and i didnt find anything i needed. bummer. haha but still cool. the lehi cabelas is way better though… then the members dropped us off in hunters last area (parker) for a couple hours while they shopped a little. we went and visited some of the families he was close with. cool to meet them. super nice area. pretty wealthy area.

over all good week. always room for improvement. . love and miss you all

things are great though over all.

the scriptures are great and the gospel is so true its unreal

elder stark


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