Sept 21, 2015

i am finishing off my first transfer today and ending with a tri-panionship! so my district consist(ed) of 2 comps of elders, one of sisters. last wednesday an elder went home early so our district leader, elder h, got emergency transferred to wescliffe to take his place. so we went to the mission office on wednesday for the official transfer and we got johnson: harris’ comp.

it just so happened to be that they were supposed to be moving out of the member’s home they’d been staying in soon anyway. so since our apartment is so big, and elder j would be staying with us for a week anyway. we cleaned out the member’s home and moved it all into our apartment. the housing elders have a silverado that they use for moving and we borrowed it and moved all the beds and stuff over. took a long time and a couple days. so we did a lot of driving and moving.

earlier in the week we found out a family from our ward, the ones that took us to cabelas, are moving. he got a new job in oregon so we were helping them pack up a lot of stuff and get it out of their house. which is a bummer, we really like them. i can agree with elder forsyth (yes i remember him – good guy) when talking about moving. weve already done a ton of moves and i do kinda like it. our wards EQP constantly says, im sorry but the elders quorum is not a moving company and cannot be expected to move people with a short notice. but the thing is he almost refuses to call and try to get people to help with that being his excuse. we had a move of someone staying in the ward just a new neighborhood find out the day before that she had to move. we were the priesthood helping for most of it. it was insane. they finally got a little more help, but not much. but i do like getting to use muscles. and we lift some heeeavy stuff.

so we went to the dentist again thursday cause last time he saw more cavities on hunter on the other side. so i got to watch him drill them out a little bit and talked to the assistant as she filled in the cavity. so the way that came about was that kara got me thinking about it about a month before i left. she was pointing out that i hadnt ever considered it cause i just never really considered anything medical. mostly because of the extra schooling. but she pointed out i would want a masters for any engineering eventually. so why not just get the schooling out of the way all at once. so i started thinking about it.  as i learn a little more and more it sounds a little more interesting. he absolutely loves the work too.

being in a trio this week was weird cause all the sudden we had 3 missionaries but 2 areas, because we were covering our ward and his. so we would do some lessons or some dinners with people in our area then some with people in his. oh and my companion is the new district leader since elder harris got transferred.

but saturday we spent all day with a family in j’s ward. actually a couple. its a recently baptized wife and a soon to be baptized husband. kinda rougher ex military people but suuuuuper nice. they have basically adopted j and call him “son” they fed us lunch and dinner.

there was a community night at the park by our house last tuesday and the sign advertising it said “vehicle display” so we were like boo ya! theres a car show to go talk to people at! then we get there and it was city vehicles… haha like firetrucks and pg&e style trucks. there were some cop cars (they have cop razors here – like the side by side polaris) and we got talking to a firefighter lieutenant. super nice guy. gave us a business card and said to stop by the station. he was like i dont think many of the guys are very religious but you should still come by. his wife and her family are from utah it turns out. super cool guy.

thats so crazy that taylor cox served here. i know the H’s. nice couple. this friday we are suppose to go shovel manure for them. yay. haha but ill have to ask! haha and yeah we live above gods pantry right now. thats so weird that he lived there too! haha so he went home in 2013 that would mean that there probably arent much of anyone still left that knew him. darn.

american ninja warrior finally had someone make it. and it was 2 of them! that is insane. i cant believe it happened. i kinda knew it would soon but too bad i missed it. thats so cool though that 2 guys made it. bummer the younger guy with the family didnt win though. but caldiero is one of the wolf pack or whatever right? i figured itd be one of them eventually.

but everything is alright and im doing well. love you so much and the gospel is most definitely true.

elder stark


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