Sept 29, 2015

   its insane how fast the first 2 months have gone. first off, i’m emailing today, tuesday, because yesterday we cut our pday short because a sister in our ward needed help moving. and we are pretty good at doing the heavy lifting.

this weeks been alright. one awesome thing was visiting with our less active, andrew m. he’s the one that works at a car dealership and is a single dad. he came to church two sundays ago but not this sunday sadly. we saw him thursday day time cause we were getting an oil change down the street from his dealership. so we walked up to say hi. he had actually texted us a couple days prior letting us know they had a camaro zl1 on the used lot he works at and we could test drive it. unfortunately it was sold right after they got it. but the point was to go see him while we were waiting for our car. we confirmed our appointment for that evening with him but didn’t want to take much time because he had a potential buyer. anyway we met with him that night and for the first while we talked about cars as usual. but after he wrangled the tiny (yet loud) children into their room to play, we shared our spiritual thought. one scripture we’ve been using a lot lately is alma 36:3. check it out.[And now, O my son Helaman, behold, thou art in thy youth, and therefore, I beseech of thee that thou wilt hear my words and learn of me; for I do know that whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day.] we share it and replace helaman with the person’s name. talk briefly about likening the scriptures unto ourselves then go into the main point of the scripture: that we need to put our trust in god and it will help us through our trials. i’ve developed a pretty good ability of not worrying about what to say. just saying whatever comes to mind. and purely rely on the spirit. we mentioned some of his troubles and how we can just do our best but then have to let God do the rest. it really affected him i think. he asked if he could give the closing prayer. and it was powerful. we could feel the love, and the spirit. it really helped him when he needed it most. it was so special.

oh so elder johnson was our third man for awhile and he picked up his companion on tuesday, another elder johnson. they were in our apartment for about two days. thursday afternoon through friday afternoon we had the mission office silverado. we were moving all their stuff and on friday got the stuff from the office that they needed. that took quite a bit of time which meant not much chance for lessons or contacting.

so we just got a new senior couple in the office that covers housing. elder and sister Allen. they are the ones that let us borrow the truck. we showed up friday thinking that we were just dropping it off and getting our car back. they had us meet them at the storage unit and had the couch and things that the elders needed in their new apartment. so we were like okay, and actually stayed to help them reorganize the unit a little bit. they are picking things up from a set of elders that were filling the spot for awhile. so it wasn’t very well done. the point was that sister allen totally reminded me of nana! she has the same sense of humor and is super sweet. about the same size too! haha but she was commenting on how gross so much of the stuff was that missionaries are turning in. like they had silverware from an apartment in a closed area and it hadn’t all been washed. her out loud comments sounded exactly the way nana would’ve handled it. haha then she gave us cookies. good cookies, but not as good as nanas for sure.

oh so another cool thing was friday, we were suppose to help brother h. with some service. i called him to confirm and he was saying he’d forgotten, let’s try for next week. he then went on to talk about how depressed he’d been, not wanting to go to church, etc. and i was like oh man that’s not good, maybe we can stop by tonight. and i could hear the sadness in his voice. he was talking about past elders and mentioned a taylor cox! so i was like hey! that’s my cousin! i was gonna ask you about him. he could not believe it. got super excited. and talked to me for like 15 or 20 minutes about it. i swear it made his day. haha but we went over that night and shared alma 36:3 with him. he also seemed to be pretty affected by it. super cool experience and hopefully we can help him through his depression.. he was messaging taylor on facebook. i need taylors email! so i can talk to him about fountain and all the good stuff. if you could send it to me that’d be sweet.

so overall we had a couple really good experiences and that was sweet. things are looking up. we got a referral from a family that we’re planning to go to tonight. then we got a text today that someone in our area wants a copy of the bible. so hopefully we can get to talk to her too.


oh so brother s., the dentist, had us over for dinner on wednesday. after dinner he was like hey can you guys help me move my cars around. what a sly guy. we took his 2013 porsche 911 convertible on a nice ride. he had just gotten the windows tinted so we couldn’t put the top down. but it was still awesome! we each got a chance to drive it a little and boy that was cool. he told us we’d have to come over sunday to get a picture in it. we helped him move a piece of furniture into their house on saturday and asked if sometime he would be willing to take brother arnold for a ride. he’s the nicest guy ever but is single and like 60 yrs old. brother s. was like sure! so we went over on sunday to take a picture, and asked if he could do that. he was like can you guys? and tossed us the keys… so yeah we went and picked up brother arnold for a quick ride. pretty sure it made his week. we then stopped by the c. family, really cool people with a son that’s a senior, getting ready to serve a mission. we’re pretty close with them and they came out and couldn’t believe it. haha but they took a picture for us. pretty sweet stuff.

so yeah it’s crazy that we’ve had 3 apostles pass away since conference. but i’m so crazy looking forward to conference. were going to the s.’s for the saturday morning session, they said they’d make us breakfast. then brother arnold’s for at least one probably two of the other sessions. i can’t wait to hear from our prophet and apostles. it’ll be amazing and i’m looking forward to hearing them as a missionary.

so you are selling jules the saturn? sad, but for the best. since elder h. wants to do car restoration as at least a hobby, maybe even career, he’s gonna restore a cuda for me. hahhaaha its a nice dream at the least but hey if dentistry works out it could happen. so we talk about that quite a bit and the fun that could come there.

oh so since we didn’t use our car for almost two days, we had quite a few extra miles to use. so elder h. decided he wanted to go visit a couple from his first area, down south. the guy is a barber and just opened a shop in colorado city, which isn’t far from “bishops castle” so we went to bishops castle and met elder h. (our district leader that got ETd) and his new comp at bishops castle. that place is insane. look it up. like its really cool but totally crazy. then we went to the barber shop of his friend and hung there for a little. they bought us pizza and gave h. a haircut. cool guy. they were super nice.DSCF2214DSCF2229DSCF2215

then we came back and helped with the move, went quicker than expected. so since we had a little pday left we played some disc golf then got changed and went to dinner. nice older couple, the d’s. made tacos. supppper good. i think i had like 5 or 6. typical. haha but that was good.

oh so i need to have you send some more of my long sleeve dress shirts. and maybe a few hangers. i only have three right now cause i accidentally ruined one my leaving a pink sticky note in the pocket. haha oh well that’s okay.

oh and i’m super excited for nathan! that’s so awesome! i cant believe its finally happening. thats awesome.

but i love you guys and this gospel. it’s somethin special. things are looking up and i’m hopeful of it.

elder stark


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