Oct 5, 2015

so yes! we have a new investigator! a family in our ward gave us an address i believe two sundays ago now. it was a family they knew but i don’t think had ever talked to about religion much. she just said they were really nice and we should talk to them. then on tuesday we got a texted referral. meaning someone in our area requested like a bible or book of mormon or something from lds.org. so we went and took her the bible she wanted but she was not interested at all. so then we went to contact the referral from the members. my comp had me lead out. so i knocked and said hi we’re missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. the Farmer family recommended we stop by and see if you’d be interested in learning about our church. (as i was handing her a book of mormon with our passalong card in it) she was like yeah sure! she took the book and we set up to stop by the next day.

we couldn’t get in touch with any members to bring to the lesson. but we decided to just get to know her and see what she needs and share a spiritual thought. she had thumbed through the index already and noticed how amazing it was that it connected with the bible so much! something a lot of people have trouble with. she is very open to it because she’s had experiences with previous religions where the pastor would turn out to be deceiving the congregation for years. she said well i don’t feel like i could throw this religion away without really considering it and learning more. i was like haaaaleluuuuujah!! haha she’s so awesome. her husband didn’t seem very open and we haven’t met any of the kids but she was so eager to learn more.

on friday we finally got the chance to go see mike the firefighter. he was giving us a tour and about half way through, he got a call. so of course he had to go save the day, dang it. haha no I’m kidding but he said to try for saturday, but when we texted him saturday he was working calls all day and it didn’t work out. so we’re gonna try to go finish our tour and give him a passalong card, see if he’s interested in learning about the church. hopefully he will be. he’s a super nice guy.

so apparently a 17 year old got shot and killed by a police officer a week or two ago. we hadn’t heard anything about it until we got a text from a member that said that boy’s mom was a less active member and looking for missionaries. this is her 2nd son to die. apparently her older son committed suicide.. but she still has like a 10 year old daughter. hopefully she’ll be open to us when we go visit. maybe she’ll come back to church and her family will become interested too.

but the point is, the lord answers prayers and fasting. i fasted for help with finding investigators last sunday before conference. funny enough the ward here does not announce it as a fast sunday. so elder hunter and i were the only ones fasting. but hey that’s okay. it helped! it’s really awesome.

general conference was awesome! we watched it at member’s homes. saturday morning we were at the sefcik’s. that was nice. we got most of the way through it before the 2 little kids started playing around a bunch. they’re funny kids. but luckily weren’t too distracting. the afternoon session we were at brother arnold’s and about half way through the internet people knocked on the door. brother arnold was out on the porch with them talking for the last half of conference. but what we didn’t know til an hour or two later was that he only talked to them about his internet for like 5 minutes. but he was talking to them about the church the whole time! haha he was telling them his conversion story and all about the church. it was a young lady in her early 20s and a guy in his older 20s. he was telling them all about singles ward and everything! haha when we went to leave, they were still there but we didn’t know they were interested in the church or anything. so we said hi but as we got in the car brother arnold waved to us to come back over there. so we backed up over. he introduced us to her and we talked for a minute but she didn’t ask many questions because she felt we were in a hurry! grrr i wish we would’ve just gotten out of the car and talked to them. brother arnold gave them his phone number though and hopefully they’ll call. apparently she thought we were way cute too. haha

but then sunday we were at the paulson’s. good family. nice and easy to focus and listen but we all got a little distracted during the middle of the last session. im hoping to download conference onto my ipod though. we can download itunes and stuff on the computers because it just resets em when you sign off. so sometime I’ll try to do that i think. and yes! the ponderizing! that talk was one of my favorites. i want to ponderize so bad now. and its just an awesome word. i also remember from the priesthood session someone mentioning that joseph smith translated the book of mormon in 90 days. so i was like hey if he could do that in 90 days. i wanna read it in 90 days. so i think once i finish my current go-around of reading the book of mormon. I’m gonna try to read it in 90 days.

oh so elder j.  (the one thats been here) in our district has a membership card to sams club because the lady he baptized (her husband is getting baptized this saturday) put him on her account. that couple basically adopted him. they even call him son. and we’re apparently his cousins. haha so after our district meeting we went to sams for lunch and i bought a soft shell jacket there because i dont always need the long trench coat winter coat. its been chilly these last few days and the jacket has come in handy big time. i also looked at protein powder at sams. but i realized, i dont know anything about what to get. i know i need whey and i like vanilla. but ive only ever used that big bag from costco. and im seeing that protein is expensive. im missing that big bag… haha so i havent bought any and dont know what to look for. it would really stink to buy $20+ of protein and not like the taste… haha so thats a sad dilemma.

oh i found lunch meet without nitrites and nitrates! little more expensive. but sooo much better. hahaha i know im probably one of very few 18 year olds to be excited by that… oh well.

so i mentioned it last week i think but i need you to send me some more of my long sleeve shirts and some hangers. its actually cool enough to wear them daily now. someone said there is a chance of light snow this weekend but well see. haha apparently it doesnt usually stick too bad here.

loving colorado and the gospel more and more

much love

elder stark


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