Oct 12, 2015

stanleythe investigater
Stanley, the investigator

holy cow the weeks go by fast. this week went pretty well. nothing that particularly exciting. yesterday was really cool. we shared 5 lessons with active members. and our goal for the day was only 4. haha. i remembered dad’s recommendations of applying some bible stories. i think that’s a more interesting way especially for younger children especially. the only one i could really remember for some reason was about shadrach meshach and abed-nego. so i would ask the kids if they remembered the story. and have them kinda recap it. usually they just remembered the fiery furnace, and the guards dying, and that there were 4 of them in the fire even though they only through 3 in. so i would ask if they knew why they were thrown in. and share the scriptures that talk about how they responded to the king so boldly and courageously. then i would take it and apply it to standing up for what we know is right. talk about how we have to do that at school sometimes and such. then how even the adults have to do that. granted its not usually a life or death situation but we can take comfort in the fact that if we stand up for christ, we can stand with him (even in a fire!) haha. people seemed to have really enjoyed that.

last night while we were at brother a’s, i was talking to him about his favorite bible stories. and started to come up with a list. so those are new to my studies. but not just bible. some book o mormon stories and pearl of great price stories too. it seems like using stories and applying them to more than just a nice story is received well. i think the parents appreciate how it gets the little ones more involved especially. most of the time i lead out our little spiritual messages at members homes. elder h. iis pretty confident that i’ll stay and take over the area next transfer. he thinks i’ll even train a newby but i don’t expect that. as cool as it would be.

last friday we had “zone training”. this was my second zone training and the first was pretty cool i thought but i liked this one a lot more. this month they combined our zone (fountain zone) with the colorado springs zone. last month they combined the north and east zone. i guess it’s due to lower numbers than they used to have. we have less than 200 missionaries in the mission. and over half of them have been out less than 4 months. there’s a reason they describe our mission as “young” right now. haha but since they combined zones they took like one zone leader from each of the two, and as far as reporting key indicators and such goes. they treat it as two zones. one to each leader. but our training was together. this month’s training was all about the “culture of our mission” and they wanted an open and frank conversation about the way the mission is. they first shared the story about moroni’s standard of liberty. but then asked about the culture thing. this one guy was like it feels clique-y like high school. then there were some random beating around the bush comments. and finally one of the APs was like were too content with where we are. and the zone leader was like yeah i like that way to describe it. they finally got to their point that they mission was too disobedient. it wasn’t reprimanding, but it was talking about the need for obedience. and we have a new generation of missionaries coming in, so now is the time to change it. being disobedient is too acceptable and just the norm.

this whole time i was like wow. this is sweet. this is what we need to hear. i have seen soooo many missionaries that are disobedient. so i was like hey this is pretty cool. they were super honest about stuff and just real about it. it was refreshing. i really enjoyed it and thought it was really well done. there are always those who are disobedient, but it just can’t be the norm. they had a colorado flag on a pvc pole and they used the big C to write CCSM. then after we all had to sign it and pledge to do better. they gave the zone a goal of having a perfect morning and nighttime schedule. because that’s do-able and will help with everything in the middle. i think it’s a pretty cool idea and should help quite a bit.

saturday night we got to meet with andrew m, the less active that’s a car dealer. that went pretty well. he seemed a bit flustered and slightly angered by something but we didn’t push. just shared our message and invited him to church. he came! he has only stayed for sacrament when he comes but its a start. i think it’s because of the little kids he has. they’re a little squirmy usually.

we tried to go and visit sister o. 3 times this week (i would not give up!) to see how she was doing and see if she’d come to church. but she wasn’t ever there. which could’ve been why she offered to set up the appointment for this coming wednesday.. haha but we also tried to visit another less active family but they weren’t particularly looking to visit. haha that’s okay though.

oh and at zone training they announced a new policy about driving. that if both missionaries are allowed to drive they’re suppose to switch off everyday unless one doesn’t want to drive. so i get to actually drive!! haha its nice (but my comp is a little annoying in the passenger seat and doesn’t do as well when he’s not driving) the worst part is that most of the things i see in him that bug me, i’m pretty sure i do exactly the same. hahah patience is a virtue they say.

i got a letter from nana this week. that was awesome to hear from her. mom: i can see the relation between you two more than ever. haha i don’t know why but i was reading nanas letter thinking the whole time “holy cow this is my mother’s mother.” it just makes sense. haha

i think that’s all i have for the week. but i’m looking forward to our lesson with sister o. hopefully that goes well.

but thanks for everything. love you all!

elder stark

Generous members

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