Oct 26, 2015 – 3 Months!


this week will conclude my “training” and next wednesday i will probably be getting a new companion but ill know if i am on like saturday and if so who it is on monday. so that’s some up and coming excitement.

elder hunter still wasn’t feeling well for the first bit of the week. and he slept in pretty much the whole week. so the mornings were just me. but i have been working out everyday. i like that 20 minute workout you sent, dad. it’s easy when my brains all foggy and not thinking well. haha but i can’t quite do it for the full 20 minutes yet. but one day.

so there is a sister in the ward, sister a. not sure if i mentioned her. but she had 3 kids. 2 boys then a girl. her oldest boy who was late teens at the time committed suicide a year or two ago. then just this year like a month ago, her other son (also in late teens at this point) got shot by the cops. he was breaking into his own house and trying to steal stuff or something – i’m not really sure. but she had to call the cops on her own son and they ended up shooting him. i believe there is still investigation going on, but i’m pretty sure it was justified. still a hard time though of course. she’s a member but has been less active for a long time, but her husband and like 10 year old daughter are confirmed catholics. they started coming to our church again when this happened and sister a had us over for dinner last week. thats where we learned a little bit but they never mentioned either of their sons. nice family but a bit different. but nice nonetheless. the problem is that she believes that she can go to any church and god is happy. which is true, all churches are great, but she doesn’t seem to understand the whole fullness of the gospel kinda thing… although, it sounds like they’re picking our church for 3 sundays of the month and going to the catholic church on just the first sunday of the month. so that’s good.

oh and we had our lesson with sister o! it was on wednesday. there’s a guy in our ward that got back from his mission this year, we call him buddy. but he came to the lesson with us. i like him and he contributed really well. it was nice. i don’t think we even got halfway through the lesson because she has so many questions, which is good, it just means we teach slower. she has a couple of things that worry her a bit. but she’s open to learn it all before shutting it away, which is great! i think itll come down to explaining things deeply and well, and then whether or not she’ll sincerely pray about it. and i think she will. i’m hopeful and excited.

oh i got to teach the lesson for district meeting on friday. that was pretty cool! it was on the topic of “interesting lessons” and believe me i thought the same thing you are. really? me? for that? uhhh okay. haha elder hunter thinks that because of our nerf gun object lesson that i thought of in the car on the way to the lesson, that i should be good at making lessons interesting. i thought it went pretty well. the other missionaries in my district were pretty complimentary.. so that was cool.

that night was our trunk or treat. elder hunter and i decided to match clothes and switch nametags. that’s about the extent of what we are allowed to do. haha but it was fun. there was a guy that was there. we didn’t know who he was but i think he’s a less active. or maybe active, just a different ward.. i don’t know. he knew all about the church though. he works for a prison somewhere in colorado and wore his uniform as his costume. so he was arresting people for fun. he was showing me all this different situations and what he would do. so i got arrested like 3 times in one night i think.

they had a chili cookoff. there were a couple chilis that were pretty good i’d say. there were quite a few people there too. that was cool. but since it was raining they just passed out candy from the classrooms. so elder hunter and i offered to pass out candy for a couple that has 3 young kids. we passed out candy while they took their kids around. that was pretty fun. good night though

so since elder hunter thinks he’ll be leaving next week we went around yesterday to all his favorite members and set up dinners with them for his last week here. that’ll be cool because i like all the same members he does! haha but there’s been quite an ordeal around him thinking he’s leaving. it’d be pretty funny if he ended up staying. but it’s unlikely because he’s been for about 6 months now.

that’s so cool that deer valley is fighting for respect! haha elder hunter says i’m pretty much black because of the way i talk sometimes… haha its kinda funny. i think it’s just a bay area thing ya know? but hopefully things will look up for DV cause there is a lot of good that goes down too.

dad thats awesome you got to go fishing. when i get back we’ll get you back into hunting! haha fishing is a good time though. i think i’m gonna like it more when i get back. i couldn’t stand it when i was younger because of all the patience. it got hard to be patient… hahahah

oh so you guys are going to utah for thanksgiving right? elder hunter said if you spend any time in layton you should go to dinner with his parents. haha that would be pretty sweet. he’s really counting on being best buds after the mission. it would be pretty cool though for sure. and i will definitely send a picture with brother arnold. he wanted to take one with us on sunday but we forgot. so we will this sunday hopefully.

nate and ashley are looking good together and his beard is outstanding. haha pretty excited to hear how that all goes. mom you should be getting my letter today or shortly after. and i gave you an idea for how to have me join the wedding. haha you could talk to elder hunters mom about it if it’s something you want to do. hahah i just thought it was clever.

but i love you all dearly!

elder stark


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