Nov 9, 2015

so biking is fun for sure. i like it a lot. except for hills. they are killer, my legs are far from what they were during volleyball. thats for sure. but i think they will get stronger pretty quick for sure.

my new companion is elder villaneda. an awesome guy. he wants to get work done! as long as i keep him on task he is willing to go go go. and he knows the area pretty well. we have to carry a mini map around though still. but it’s awesome. we didn’t have a whole lot set up for this last week but we were trying to set as much up as possible. since it gets dark so early, we can’t really go to peoples houses if they don’t know us when its dark. so we’re working on getting appointments set up for night time and go around during the day as much as possible.

it is definitely getting colder and that is not the best on a bike but it’s not terrible. once i started wearing a scarf over my face, i kept feeling in it. that was a good idea. it’s kinda hard with a scarf because of the lint and it coming loose. so i want to get a ski mask type thing. my comp just wears a bandana. its pretty funny. but i think a lower ski mask type thing would work well. as far as long johns i think the bottoms would be what i’d use most. i don’t know if i’ll get a chance to go to the store today though. we do all our activities with another set of elders from our district because they have a car.

so our district is elder larose and his trainee, elder hawkins, then me and elder villaneda. and our zone leaders come to our meetings in our district. but elder larose, the district leader, came out with me. he was in a different zone in the mtc so i didn’t really know him til we got here. but he’s awesome and we have like the youngest district ever. haha it’s super cool though. we have a lot of fun together.

we’ve had dinners every night this week and met a lot of really cool people. we’ve had some active member lessons and those have been really cool and we’ve set up some appointments with less actives and a possible investigator from a part member family. so stay tuned for that! haha oh and the stake president lives in our ward. so he fed us yesterday. he’s really cool and his family super nice. he said he would have us over on a pday to play ping pong sometime. that’ll be sweet.

apparently this ward is infamous for not getting baptisms i think because it’s so small geographically. but i believe that there is potential for sure!

funny story was that on wednesday our housing coordinators told us they were coming for apartment checks on thursday. so we were like okay! cleaned everything really well, did our weekly planning, and sat around waiting. and waiting. and waiting. we texted them, and then finally had to leave cause we had dinner. so when we get to dinner they texted us saying they didn’t have us down til next thursday! haha so we were like ohhh that explains it.. haha but i guess there was just miscommunication. so hopefully they don’t take too long this thursday! haha

oh man the wind was so bad one day. we were on a street called akers. and it’s always like yes we get to take akers home. cause its just a massive hill with very few cars. but the wind was so strong that it was slowing us down on this hill. i never thought it could take so much energy to ride a bike down hill. that was a little trippy.

oh so since we had nothing planned on the first day i was here i was like hey. let’s go tracting. so we did for like 2 hours. we had one lady that didn’t speak english. one guy that was super into weed. and the rest were catholic. most people in this area are pretty content it sounds like. so we’ll need to get creative! haha

i think that’s pretty much it for the week! love you all and wish you the best this week!

elder stark


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