November 16, 2015

wow the holidays really are coming quick. it’s sad not getting to see the hallmark movies honestly. i love them. i would always talk to brother arnold about them. speaking of brother arnold! i got to see him this week. so friday was his dinner for the missionaries and he had 18 missionaries over! it was insane. but our zone leaders went and they took elder villaneda (hes from salinas, right outside of monterey btw) and i down with them. brother arnold offered to drive us back up so we could stay longer though. so elder hunter took us over to the churchills for a little so i could say hi to them! it was awesome to see them again too.


as for this week we went tracting again still with not much. there was a lady that i think was being too nice to say no so she said we could come back and share a little bit. but ya never know! so that could be really cool. that was actually the first house we knocked. haha but we havent made it over there again yet.


we also got two referrals. at zone training on friday, sister smith – who came out with me – came up and said she knew of a family in our ward that was interested and just moved in. we got the information saturday and are hoping to make it by tonight. then there was a lady a few weeks ago that apparently called the church building (before i got here) and asked for missionaries. elder villaneda’s trainer took the info.  so we got the info again from our ward mission leader (who just got released sunday) on saturday morning and should be able to contact it today or tomorrow. thats pretty cool because they both sound pretty promising. apparently this ward has not had a baptism in over a year and they havent really had much of any work that goes on. its just a really small geographical area and the people are pretty content. but we try anyway!!! haha


oh on saturday we did service at this place called “care and share” and they get all sorts of food, pack it up and send it to food banks around the area. its where the food bank we worked at in fountain got their food from. but when we got there, the group that was suppose to do the meats wasnt there so we got to do it. haha it was sorting through pallets of frozen meat that stores donate, throwing away the bad stuff and putting the rest in boxes to be sent around. it was a chilling experience in the 40 degree refrigerator but fun for sure. we had gloves which was nice but we had quite the system. the other 3 guys were throwing meat either into the trash box or onto the table and i was loading up the boxes. we got through a tooon of meat. each box we filled had 25 to thirty pounds of meat. and we probably did over 200 boxes of it. in like 2 hours time too. it was fun.


so we had our actual cleaning checks this week. and that was pretty good. its a new couple and it was their first time (this is the lady that reminds me of nana) and she has almost the same standards. haha we got docked for 3 things. all of which were from previous missionaries but thats okay. this shows my cleaning knowledge: i thought the shower floor was stained dirty. apparently there was some mildew and mold… sorry mom dont cringe. haha but they gave us some cleaner for it and that wiped it away pretty good. haha but then some missionaries had taped pictures to the wall, which is apparently a no no. haha


i got the package saturday! that was pretty sweet. the snacks are awesome! and the hot cocoa hits the spot. haha thank you. so the bottoms seem like theyll work ppretty well. i think the larges will work best for with slacks, a little looser and more comfortable, but the mediums are nice for sports or stuff where ill be moving more. i think theyll both work nicely. good thing i got the package though cause were going to the store today and i woulda spent like 50 on under armour. haha i do need to get a balaclava and some glasses though. thats for sure. i think a headlamp too because the light on the bike is nice but doesnt quite cut it and it doesnt move where i look.


weve had more chances to get to teach members which is awesome. the members here are super cool and really nice. but president clarified this week that we can go to less actives homes or any people we know after dark without an appointment. we just need to be careful about talking to people on the street and not go tracting kinda thing. but the less actives are really pretty nice about saying no. haha but they do still say no. atleast the ones weve gone to.


our ward mission leader records a list of all the visits we have. members, investigators, less actives, etc. so ive been keeping track every day of who we went to and what kinda visit it was. so that was pretty nice to be able to pull out and go through everyone we visited. he was really proud of us cause he can see were working hard. its a bummer that he got a new calling cause hes a really good guy and super funny. but hes still filling in for a couple weeks til they call someone new. so itll be interesting getting a new mission leader.


it snowed on wednesday! but just like an inche and melted before we even left the house. but that was still cool to see. theres suppose to be a storm this week. so that will be fun. looking forward to figuring that out. exciting to hear about preparing for nates wedding thats so crazy! i still cant believe its happening.


love you guys lots.


elder stark


found an awesome scripture in 3 nephi 5:13: “Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.” just kinda described what im doing here ya know? haha



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