“What A Week” / Nov 23, 2015

this week has been awesome. so many things to be grateful for!

first off. elder Nash of the seventy came for our mission tour! he is awesome. he spoke to half the mission wednesday then the other half thursday. so we drove an hour south to pueblo to hear from him thursday. such an awesome experience to hear from him. (he said hes from washington area. do we have nash family in washington? lol i was feeling like we did.) but not only did we hear from him thursday, but also on saturday and sunday for the fountain stake stake conference. saturday was an adult session. then there was a recent convert mtg before the general session on sunday. so awesome. he is so insightful and says hes feeling a big change in the mission. im pretty excited.
he talked a lot about being bold, both to us and the adult session. his definition of being bold is confident, clear and in all love. its so awesome to hear some of his stories of being bold. but i would invite you guys to be bold with whoever you work with. less actives etc. the spirit will testify for you. he said something so profound to me that i wrote it down and am gonna put it on my wall. “the spirit does the heavy lifting. we just have to move our feet” – elder nash 2k15. haha such a cool experience to hear so much from him.
then the most exciting new probably is yesterday. so background. when we went tracting like a week and a couple days ago, the first house we knocked said we could come back later, she was going to work. she said sunday was best. so thats potential investigator #1.
now #2: we ,ade a list of poeple that were former investigators – the most recent being like 2013, partially because there arent many in the area usually, but also partially because the past missionaries never updated the area book. so we go trying to find people and one, the name was written pretty sloppily so i kinda hesitantly tried to ask for the name when a guy asnswered, but he said its a rental so he has no idea if someone by that name used to live there. so i was like hey can we teach you about the mormon church? and he was like come on the weekend.
so for both of these two we stopped by yesterday and for the first one ( a teenager i belive), she sent her mom out. then the other one we talked to the same guy, tim. so we went through the first lesson on the porch. gave each of them a book of mormon with the invitation to read moronis promise and pray about it and they said they would and that we could come back next weekend!! such an awesome blessing. i truly believe the lord is blessing us for our work efforts. i am hopeful for them and want them to fin the happiness i have found.
thats the most exciting stuff for sure. but the rest of this week has been good too. we had 5 of our 7 dinners drop food off though. which was a bummer because it means we have to be back at the apartment and it just takes more time, plus we dont get to meet with the members and share a message with them. but thats okay. it was all really good food.
yesterday we decided to call every lessa ctive name on the roster and try to set up apt.s. we had little success. i think one accepted, but lots of no answers, wrong numbers (sent those to bishop), and one guy straight up said “i dont let missionaries in my home” i was like oh thats too bad. have a good day. haha almost everyone around here is sooo nice about declining us though. haha. we got our first door slammed on our face this week tracting. we were a little excited because we always here about those misisonary experiences and now wed had one! haha we was like the 3rd or 4th person with a sign that said no religious views next to no soliciting. but im pretty sure no one remembers that they have it because they never care. haha but he opened the door, something fell from the crack in the door. i picked it up and gave it to him and he said “read the sign!” and slammed the door. hahaha oh it was funny
then that same street, we came across a guy, asked if he knows any mormons, and he was like i used to be one! he chatted with us for awhile and was like wait how did you find me? cause apparently hes had his records removed. super nice. said the church is grerat but that he wont be back any time soon. hes divorced and his ex and the kids lived in utah i believe. his sons serving a misson in like argentina or something. haha so weird. but my comp gave me a hard time cause he was like “yeah im not a member any more.” and without thinking i was like “why not!?” with my arms up. hahaha it was so funny. but great.
my comp usually worked out at night, meaning he was up a litte late and slept in a bit. but we were talking with a missionary that he came out with (total rockstar all in or nothin kinda kid) and he was talking about the importance of obedience. so Elder villaneda was like guess im gettin up on time and workin out with you. today was the first day of it. but it worked! haha he just needs me to nudge him in when i get up. its really awesome. im looking forward to that now. i think hes willing to make the change.
i think ive covered it all! but things are good. and i love it still!
elder stark
ps for thanksgiving were actually going to the churchills from fountain because the family in our ward could no longer have us and sister churchill told me she wanted me to be there for thanksgiving if i didnt have a dinner! haha so thatll be awesome.


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