December 14, 2015

highlight of this week. THE TEMPLE. so that family that sent a picture was the calls, and it was after we went to the temple with them. their son ryan is leaving on his mission at the end of the month and went through the temple on friday. we got permission from president to go with him and it was so awesome! we went with ryan and his dad early. they had to go to distribution center, and deseret book. so we just went into the temple and did a session and some initiatories before his session. so awesome. i loved it.


wednesday we had our zone conference. thats the big one from 9 am to 4 pm. and there were like 75 missionaries at this one. it was pretty cool to be with that many and to learn so much. they talked less about the need to be obedient, and more about how if we develop more love for the savior we will want to be more obedient. we watched a video about the saviors crucifixion and the spirit just dumped all over the room. such a cool feeling. one of the APs shared his testimony about the atonement in his life, and that was awesome too. really cool for sure.


thursday was the train the trainers meeting. there are 7 missionaries coming in. 2 spanish, 2 sisters, and three english elders. it was pretty funny, cause there is one sister that is being a trainer right out of training, then theres me who went from being trained, to half way training, to ful training. and one other trainer has only trained half way cause his guy went home early. but the other 4 have already trained before. it was a pretty interesting group of trainers. the meeting was really cool though and i think i learned quite a bit.


so tomorrow is when it all goes down! so i know i am staying here through christmas for sure and it should even be through like february. but i am super excited and kinda anxious to meet my new guy. i wonder what he will be like! haha i wonder how he’ll like being in a biking area for winter? haha all will tell in due time.


our investigator lisbeth has been pretty hard to get in contact with. shes really busy and usually gives us a window of time to come by but ends up being busy. or last week she told us 3 oclock saturday but when we got there she was at work. such a bummer. especially since it was snowing super hard on saturday so we walked the whole way. but elder villaneda and i were singing walking in a winter wonderland with our own twist to it. it was really funny and we were laughing pretty good.


sunday morning it was all super icy, but our new ward mission leader – brother terry – picked us up to go to church. hes pretty awesome. super organized and on top of things. hes a lawyer. very professional dude… haha but nice guy for sure. seems to be excited about missionary work too. so thats awesome.


oh on sunday they pretty much completed redid the ward as far as callings. we had high councilman and the entire stake presidency there and the eq presidency got completely rearranged, the hp leadership got completely redone. and we got a new counselor in the bishopric. and a bunch of other random stuff. haha


so we had ward council sunday morning, and were sitting in the chapel waiting for sacrament to start like 30 minutes before it started. there was a lady in the pews and i couldnt tell if she was a member or not. but we went over and talked to her. and she was a nonmemeber visiting cause her church was closed for the day. i explained how the meeting would work and a little about the church when our relief society president mustve been listening to the spirit because she came over introduced herself and and invited her to sit with them.


she stayed for sunday school and loved both of the meetings. that was awesome. she lives in 3rd ward area so we got her info for them and passed the info to them. theyre welcome for the investigator! hahah so crazy.


what are you guys doing for christmas? im not sure what exactly well be doing. all i know is that the calls are having us for dinner. so thatll be sweet. well figure out details eventually. ahah


love you guys so much. check out the churchs new chrstmas videos at theyre awesome.


hope things are awesome this week!


elder stark


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