December 7, 2015

DSCF5023imageDSCF5012so mom i think youll be proud of me, i got my masters degree! okay maybe not quite an actual degree. so theres this place called master drive, in springs, and the mission decided to send 6 missionaries to take a class on slick condition driving. and elder villaneda and i, both got to take the class. we actually found out a couple weeks we would get to do it but i kept forgetting to tell you about it. but because we needed a car for it we got to go pick up a car on monday and keep it until thursday. that was pretty sweet. the class was on wednesday and they taught about some stuff in the classroom then we got to go out to their “skid plate” and practice braking, turning, and skid control/recovery. it was pretty sweet and they gave us all a “master drive masters degree” lol. since we all needed our own car for the course, and everyone else taking the course was the only one in their companionship, we picked up a second car on wednesday morning from some sisters that had a meeting, and just followed eachother there. a pretty fun course for sure.

oh and friday we had our zone training, that was pretty cool, talking about the things elder nash asked us to do. but elder villaneda started feeling sick again during the training. so we werent doing much of anything friday night. we had our christmas party, but he wasnt feeling well enough to go, which totally bummed me out for a minute. haha but the third ward elders drove us to get him some antibiotics prescribed by the mission doc. so we stopped by the christmas party to grab some food. so elder larsoe and i ran in to get some food so we had dinner. then around 10 oclock we got a phone call from president and i was like dude youre gonna train. so elder v is talking to president for awhile talking about being sick and stuff, then goes “yeah hes right here” and hands me the phone. president has asked me to be a trainer – from day 1 this time. lol. so im training! haha and probably gonna be staying here. but then again i thought id be staying in fountain too. so stay tuned to find out next week! haha
as for our investigators, Tim dropped us. said hes not interesting in the church, i think he was just kinda being nice by letting us come over. that was a bummer for sure. but we saw lisbeth twice this week. we went by earlier in the week and shared a quick thought cause she was busy, but she said to come on sunday. then sunday she said to come next saturday. so we shall see.
its awesome to hear about the reception and such, especially the cardboard cutout and its hiding abilities. hahaha sounds like fun! missing the family for sure. but christmas is coming quick. i cant beleive the choir concert is this week. thats so awesome that nana and grandpa are staying for it though. love ans miss them for sure.
oh and we did get to watch the christmas devotional, we watched it last night at a members house. that was really cool i thought. i love christmas and christmas time. all so great.
hope all is well there this week!
elder stark

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