November 30, 2105

so this week was really good. except for that tuesday and wednesday we didnt leave the apartment. monday elder villaneda woke up not feeling too hot. we had a missionary turkey bowl that day though, and he played football in high school so he couldnt resist playing. i was super excited to play. elder larose and i bought the same football gloves at ross. and i found those headbands i love at dicks a little bit ago. so we were decked out and ready to go. it was super intense and a ton of fun. it was flag but at the same time it was missionaries. you know how that can go. it actually wasnt bad excpet for one of the polys that played. i gave him a run for his money though and the best was when he was barreling at me full speed but i didnt see him. somehow he ricocheted off me and fell down hard and i stayed up. everyone was like how did that happen? i had the breath taken out of me pretty bad but that was all.


he took me out a couple times though. it was a good game and i did pretty good at outsmarting the other team and getting a few good catches. i did almost level a sister on accident because i spun and as i straightened back out i hadnt known she was there but i was able to not take her out luckily. haha


but after we were done elder villaneda said he felt like death. so we stayed in monday night, tuesday and wednesday. for thanksgiving we went to the churchills. that was awesome. we played some games and had their homegrown turkeys that were amazing. we were down thre from about 1 to like 8. haha they had some other people over too and were really excited to have me again.  it was nice to see them. and always a good time. haha


that morning though our ward had a turkey bowl. that was a good game too. it was snowing lightly. so i had my ski mask on and sweatshirt hood cinched down. people didnt know who i was at first. haha but i stayed warm. the only thing that wouldve helped was cleats. haha i strained my groin muscle. probably partially because it was like 10 degrees. but i couldnt run very well the last half of the game. but its feeling way better now, luckily.


friday we had our district meeting and we got a call asking if we could help them move today. we said sure but realized after we hung up that they werent in our ward and they thought they were calling the third ward elders. so we called and said we could still come, and even come with the third ward elders. but we didnt have time to go back to our apartment betweeen district meeting and them picking us up. so we jsut borrowd clothes from them. jeans, tennis shoes, and a coat. in like 10 degree weather while it was snowing. these are the days a mission is about! haha it was pretty cold and wed go inside to thaw out every so often but they really appreciated our help.


friday night we had a dinner appointment with the schlosser family. they have a 7 year old, and we set it up so we could teach her the lessons. they invited over their nonmember neighbors for dinner, and they stayed for the lesson. after, we chatted with them for awhile about stuff and hopefully we can set up another appointment with them because theyre great and seemed open to hearing more.


saturday we helped with another move for a little bit. but we had our own clothes. that was cool because it was a guy thats parents live in our ward but hes moved doiwn to fountain. so us, the third ward elders, and the fountain elders helped them load up some big things they needed moved down there. and then his wife made us burritos. that was yummy. and cool to be in fountain again. haha


we met with the less active kid, terrance jones. hes not really leass active buty officially theyre considered less active until they get their temple recommend again. so we had a lesson with him and got his dad to sit in, who hasnt been very supportive. he sat in and said hed be there for the next one too. the whole family came to church sunday because terrance got the teacher office of the priesthood and got his temple recommend. so that was pretty awesome. im hopeful for his family.


yestrerday we tried to vist our 2 investigators to no avail. tim had company over and elizabeth wasnt home so were gonna try again today.


the wedding sounds like it was awesome. the fish picture is great. sounds like it was a good time. sad i missed it but definitely doing the right thing. im so happy for nate and ashley and look forward to meeting her!


oh, so i thought of something yesterday. and i dont really want you guys to do much for me for christmas, id rather that money go to helping someone in the ward or something to that extent. our ward here is known for helping out others at christmas time and theyre supplyng a christmas for 3 families this years. so i thought itd be nice if you guys could use whatever youd spend on me to help another family back there.


but i do want you to send me some toffee 🙂 haha


i wore the wedding stuff to my district meeting and thought id take a pic for ya.


love you guys


Elder Stark


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