malo lelei Dec 21, 2015

malo lelei


so i walk into the meeting for trainers and new missionaries. there are 3 english elders. 2 white. 1 poly. first thought that comes to my mind, “i want him!” go over, introduce myself to them. hmm the poly is from tonga. okay okay. we get to the transfer meeting and Elder Tu’ifua is called up to the front. all my friends around me start patting my back and saying dude i hope thats your boy! and president say, “elder tu’ifua will be serving the elder Larose’s district…” and thats when i knew. it was true, i do have brown blood! hahaha so my boy is elder Tu’ifua, from Tonga! he is so awesome. so humble so willing to serve, and so out here for the right reasons. english is his 2nd language but hes picking it up pretty well. and hes teaching me tongan! so the subject means hello! i can say hello, how are you, im good, thank you, i love you, and son, but dont know how to spell em yet. haha its so cool to be his trainer and im so glad hes the one i get to train! he plays rugby and is one tough dude.


its so funny to teach him about things they dont have. the food has been fun for starters. we took him to walmart the night he got here and he had no idea what to do. haha he was just like “what do you get?” so ive made some foods for him to try so we know what he likes. wednesday, the churchills came and picked us up and took us up to castle rock, where elder hunter is now, and we met him at costa vida. were waiting in line and i said do you know what you want? taco? burrito? he just looked at me with innocent eyes and said, elder what you get i get. hahaha hes had a burrito, fajitas, filipino curry. i made him chicken alfredo, and quesadillas. hes liked it all but the best was when i made a quesadilla for him, he pointed at the bag of torillas and said “we buy a lot of those” hahaha.


so tuesday when he got here, we had dinner, went to bishops for a little while, and then had a lesson with a couple in the ward that is technically “less active” although they attend church every sunday. long story there. but theyre super nice. shes just a little cookoo sometimes. but she said, oh youre new? youre teaching :). haha i had warned him she might do this. but he did awesome. we were teaching the plan of salvation – which i think is the hardest lesson – and he just rocked it. and we were switchin off super well even though we didnt have a chance to plan for it.


wednesday we taught the third lesson, the gospel of jesus christ, to emma, an 8 year old weve been teaching. her baptism was saturday and luckily we got to go. there is a couple, phil and alicia that we taught the restoration when we taught it to emma, becuase they had them over for dinner when we came. but we hadnt gotten a return appointment. we had stopped by once but they werent home. so we finnaly got to see em at the baptism. i had a copy of the picture book book of mormon for alicia because i told her about that and she seemed interested in it. so we talked, i gave her that, and we set up an apt, for tomorrow! super excited. so that was 2 new investigators by technicality because we needed the return appointment.


thursday we visited with michael and i got real with him for a minute. he came to church last sunday to hear ryan call give his farewell talk. and said he could feel the love there. i addressed that and talked about the spirit. found out he had never received any formal lessons so i taught the restoration on the spot, and told him he was feeling the holy ghost. and i could tell that he was. but my thoughts are that he is too scared to act upon the promptings. its sad because i can see that it affects him, but he wont act on it. he quickly tries to change the subject and when i invited him to come to church again, he said lets calm down a minute. the holidays aare crazy times talk to me after the holidays.


after meeting with him we tracted for a bit to show elder tu’ifua how to do that. i talked to like 3 people and he said. i think im ready to try. i found out that he was expecting the people that turn us down to chase us away yelling at us, because thats what they do in tonga. haha we had some good laughs, and it was freezing cold, but we hadnt prepped for it too well. haha once i realized i was having troubles talking cause my face was so numb i decided wed go thaw out at the calls around the corner for a minute. and our dinner was just down the road form them. after dinner we met with a family, the m’s. just set up ant apt. with them to share a message with the family, but it turned out they have a 7 year old turning 8 in march, so we decided we’ll just get a head start on the baptism lessons. haha that was cool.


so friday was cool becuase we got 2 new investigators! we went tracting, found a young guy named jordan, shared a bit about the book of mormon and went back sunday! he commented feeling a difference when reading the book of mormon! we taught the first lesson. and set up for this saturday! so cool. then friday night we got to meet with a 15 year old kid named kailan. his dad is less active, and his step mom had her records removed a long time ago. he randomly decided he wants to get baptized! so we met with him and set up a timeline, and answered some questions because he’ll be out of town for 2 weeks. we gave him the pamphlets and a book of mormon to study from while hes gone. hes a good kid. and he came to church sunday!


its been a good week for sure! love my boy and am looking forward to christmas. as for details, we arent sure yet. i was thinking about doing google hangouts if i can. we’ll either do it at bishops or the calls. the calls plan is to have us over on christmas and do all that but theyre taking ryan to idaho saturday to see family, and if the weather is gonna be bad they might leave christmas day, in which case the teeples will have us over. we are allowed to use the mission phone so worse comes to worse we do that but we should be able to video chat.


‘ofa atu!

(i love you)


elder stark


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