Cheer for a New Year! Jan 4, 2016

i dont really know why but the new year has been more exciting on the mission then it was before..  this is what they call, my “mission year” because ill be on my mission for the entire year. i wondered if you guys will finally make your hawaii trip youve always wanted this year. haha 3 kids married off and one on a mish.


as far as staying warm im good now. haha so my our bishop bought some snow gloves for elder tuifua and a face mask. it hasnt snowed this week really excpet a little one day that all melted off within a couple hours. but its been cold enough to want snow gloves instead of just my bike gloves. but id been letting elder tuifua use my snow gloves til he got some. this week was pretty slow. new years eve and new years day we are only allowed to go to appointments. no stop bys or cold contacting. so we didnt have much of anything to do those days. new years eve a new sister in the ward with young kids took us to this place called huhot. super cool restaurant. kinda like a buffet style shirasoni almost. its cool.


new years day we had a district meeting and since neither us or third ward had any appointments we were just kinda hangin out for most of the day time. we played some touch rugby in the gym right after. slacks rolled up, ties off and barefoot. haha sooo fun but totally crazy. so strategic. its super hard actually. especially 2 on 2.


saturday we helped a sister in our ward move into 3rd ward. the four of us went to help and when we got there she was waiting for a ward member with his pickup/ apparently there had been some confusion. we were just hangin out in her little court thing throwin around the rugby ball for awhile. she ended up having a small couch, a medium couch and like 2 other random things that werent very big. haha once the truck got there we loaded it up in 5 minutes and it took 10 to unload only because she moved into a third story apartment. haha


as far as for the work, it was pretty slow this week, with the holidays and all. we met with michael. a crazy old guy thats been investigating for a looong time. love him to death though. such a nice guy and has the most random, crazy stories. its hard because he loves to talk and before i got here i think the missionaries all just went over as a social thing and would throw in a spiritual message once in awhile and call it a lesson. which by definition counts a lesson but they never tried to really teach him. so we taught a bit of the plan of salvation this time. he went to school to be a seminary teacher and considers himself a theologian. we were talking about pre earth life and adam and eve when he was like i hope you know that i know this stuff. and in my mind i was kinda like “oh just wait til the after death part…” we have a few ideas for trying to help him realize the lord wants him to do more. he feels the spirit and has brought it up a couple times. i try to help him understand that that is a testament of truth and that he needs to recognize the need to act on it. i think i talked a bit about him on skype. he came to church when ryan call spoke. he “felt the love there” so we are looking forward to helping him understand that while on earth there are saving ordinances we need.


as for donna, we havent met with her this week, but she came to church! that was cool, even though when she pulled up in her car she was smoking. lol. a work in progress. we are going to go by this week with her and work on christ a little bit more. i felt the need to watch the video “finding faith in christ” yesterday morning during our comp study and just kept getting the idea that this is what donna needed to see. so im thinking that well take that over and watch it with her. i had never seen it, but the lord definitely leads us to answers. i have been trying to ask for help in knowing what to do with her.


as for our other investigators. we still cant catch lisbeth when shes home, jordan canceled cause of work and were still trying to reschedule with him. phil and alicia are the same story. then kailan is still out of town but comes home this week. excited for him definitely.


last night was a fireside, called the work of salvation fireside. its where recent converts and recently reactivated members speakand share their stories. then an open testimony meeting. very cool to hear some of the people’s stories.


love you guys very much and am grateful for you all, i hope you find a way to improve your lives this year. remember that everything temporal is connected to our spiritual side somehow. findthe connections and see the blessings. make sure your goal is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) and come closer to christ in one way or another.


ofa atu,

elder stark


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