Dec 28, 2015


its so crazy how time flies. i know i say that a lot but really though. im goin on 5 months this week! thats so crazy. as much as i miss the family and home i couldnt picture being there. it just wouldnt be right. christmas was great! the calls are awesome! and after i got off skype we played this super fun game called bounce off! i was the reigning champion i believe. haha so much fun. is that the game you guys saw at target? with the ping pong balls. we played some of that and elder tuifua got to jump on skype at like 4 so we delayed eating and just played some games etc. while he talked. then we had some super good ribs for dinner. then sister call got out a nerf gun and started shooting us. so brother call went and grabbed their presents for us. and told us to open them. sure enough, more nerf guns! haha (we hadnt brought ours over to their house sadly) so we were all just shooting eachother like crazy and throwing the fake snowballs. an epic battle for sure.

as for the rest of the week, it was pretty chill. haha tuesday we tracted for a few hours. needed to fill some time. had some good conversations with people, but no one was very open. after the first 9 or 10 house of talking to people, elder tu’ifua took over and knocked every door. he wanted the practice. i was like okay… haha so he talked to everyone. hes getting better for sure. he doesnt want to be shy anymore so he practices. its awesome. hes such a good worker its just cool to see.
that night, though, we went to a less active family in the ward, the selders. a family had us over for dinner and asked if we had visited them, since we hadnt we asked them to take us over with them and introduce us to them. they picked us up from dinner and took us over there. it was awesome. its a la wife, nonmember husband, an 8 year old (not baptized) and twin 3 year olds. the family gave them a gen conf talk and some chocolates, and we set up a time to come by. she asked us to leave her with a prayer. i can tell she knows the gospel will help her life improve and help with some of the family problems theyve had. so i look forward to helping them come closer to christ and grow tighter as a family unit. hopeful for them
that night we exchanged elder tu’ifua for elder larose. so elder larose and i got to be companions for a day. that was a good time considering (like i said on skype) we are the same person. haha we also had ryan call come be a missionary with us for the day. which was really cool. we went and did some service for donna, then did an awesome job teaching the gospel of jesus christ to the pattys, an older couple in our ward. we had an appointment after that feel through so ryan got picked up and we biked up to help a member move. elders tu’ifua and hawkins came and helped with the move for a bit. we biked around the corner to our dinner. her name is sister pace. but she has her friend sister hamilton come with her son matthew because of the single sister rule. haha but sister hamilton is from sacrmento (shes black) and her friend from sacramento was here to visit( nonmember, black also) haha. and her friend was a straight ratchet. i was laughing so hard because she reminded me of deer valley. she was super nice but just had that loudness and attitude. you know what i mean. we communicated very well and i had her laughin pretty good for sure.
meanwhile this whole time we were eating dinner with them, out two boys (hawkins and tu’ifua) were driving around, lost, and kept calling us. they went north instead of south and were lost for a super long time. so funny. until we realized they used all of their miles for the month and that they were walking the rest of the month. haha so we have to be super conservative on miles now. but funny for sure.
for christmas eve we had a late district meeting and nothin much else scheduled. the fillmores fed us dinner. super cool family – theyve got two little boys, and feed us filipino food. so good. they fed us when tu’ifua first got here, christmas eve and theyre feeding us new years day too! haha i think they like having us over.
saturday was described as one of those days that yoiu go outside and your brain says, “no. this is too cold. like the kind of cold that will kill you. straight up” it was sooooo windy and so cold. cut right through everything. at first we tried to bike, but it was literally too windy. so we just walked it. that was the day that both of our appointments with investigators didnt happen. luckily in the area were the jimenez family. so awesome. super nice. weve been going through the lessons with them as practice. they gave us some hot cocoa and a place to thaw out. elder villaneda and i helped him load up a bunch of exercise equipment one morning from a friend of his out in falcon. so saturday since we had time, after they fed us some amazing mexican soup, and tostadas, we helped him put together the workout equipment. its super nice stuff and he said if it worked out we could totally come use it! so we might try to figure out a way to do that. haha
Sunday was good because i mean it was sunday! haha we had dinner with bishop and a coordination meeting but that was about it. bishops family is super cool. and bishop loves elder tu’ifua and wa quizzing his english for stuff. they are gonna buy him some winter gloves from costco today. hes been using my snow gloves. ive just been using my biking gloves. i sorta lost one of the black head glvoes you sent from costco. i love them. i just accidentally lost one. haha but i still might try to buy nicer snow gloves. theyll work for now at the least though. elder hawkins has a super cool windbreaker. and i was thinking about trying to find one because that with just a layer or two underneath is perfect for biking except on the worst of worst days.
i think thats all i got for ya! hope your new years is great. remind nana of our good times dancing around the kitchen on new years, and tell all the family i love and miss them!
elder stark
ofa atu!

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