January 11, 2016

Story time!

so there once was an elder of the Lord; elder kyler larose. he met one elder jared stark on the plane from salt lake city to colorado springs. at 3 months out, he and elder stark starting serving in the same districts and became very good buddies. elder larose was training and a district leader. probably the first time that had happened for someone so new. they spent lots of time together and people often confused them for each other. all of the sudden, at five and a half months out, one friday evening on january 8th, 2016. elder larose received a phone call from president rehm. we were crowded around watching his reactions trying to guess what was gonna happen. it all made sense when he said, “elder buxton will be an AP? okay, so a Zone leader opening.. okay” and you could see the fear/excitement on his face. elder larose would be becoming a zone leader just two days later. hoy cow. the four “bros” thought they had 2 more weeks together. not 2 more days.


so yeah thats what went down on friday. elder larose found out that this sunday hed be getting sent up to castle rock as a zone leader and that elder hawkins would cover both their ward and another klnown as palmer park, with the companion of an elder going home today. so crazy. but saturday we were realizing that left us without a district leader. so elder hawkins texted president asking who the district leader was going to be. a mintue later, i received a phone call from president asking me to be a district leader! haha so theres the most exciting part of the week. one of us goes zone leader, the other goes district leader. pretty crazy. crazy grateful that the lord qualifies those he calls.


as far as the work goes we went back to a lady that we met before the holidays, tracting. she said after the holidays would be better. so we went back this week and met an she invited us in. we taught the restoration and gave her a book of mormon. she seems interested, or at the least willing to give it a go! her name is gurdrun. a german name. she married her husband in germany while he was stationed there. she moved back here with him. very nice lady. he passed away a few years ago now, and im excited to help let the plan of salvation bring her some peace on that topic.


we were not able to meet with either kailan or jordan, and im getting a little discouraged with lisbeth – who we can never get in contact with. its easy to think that she just wasnt that interested in the first place. but i know that the lord can provide a way and that he is preparing people. so we will press forward with faith, hoping for the best.


this friday we had a zone training. those meetings are just so cool. i never cease to be impressed by the spirit and help with encouraging us to do better. i really enjoy them. that night we got to go to brother arnolds for dinner. that was neat. 3rd ward took us. it was their first time coming to his place. always cool to see him. and he even invited the cook family from fountain. it was neat to see them again! i enjoyed that.


elder tu’ifua is still awesome. just a great guy and we have so much fun together. hes such a goof, yet such a good teacher and hard worker. i just love it.


thats so crazy to be hearing that andrew is about to enter the mtc! thats so exciting for him. i remember that time. almost 6 months ago now. i cant believe how fast the time is flying by. gotta enjoy every minute of it while i can. no time to waste!


i think thats about all ive got for ya this week! hope its been good and goes well!


ofa atu

elder stark


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