January 19, 2016

so lets see. this week. been a good week i would say! monday night the assistants came over to our apartment and went through the details of being a district leader, and answered any questions i had. then tuesday we had our interviews with president. it was neat to meet with president and get to chat a bit. he was talking a little more about how hes using our group of new guys to reshape the mission. we did some stop bys to people we’re working with. tuesdays seems to be the hardest days to fill. haha

wednesday we had 3 appointments with less active members. i was all ready to be bold like were suppose to be, and ask them straight up if theyd be willing to work towards a temple recommend, becuase that seems to be the hardest thing for me. i asked at the first appointment and it went really well. we were walking that day and on our way to our next appointment it, they cancelled. so we went to a nearby member and shared a message with them and visited with them for a bit. then while we were there our third appointment with a less active cancelled. so here i was all ready and they all had to cancel. haha of course.
 thursday we had our cleaning checks at like 3 pm. so we cleaned up nice, and waited for them to come check. that night we had a lesson with an 7 year old in the ward, that is soon turning 8. theyre a really nice family and its fun to go visit and teach them.
friday was eventful, in a good, and a not so good, way. the not so good, was a funeral for a 3 month old baby. the baby of a lessactive mother, and nonmember father. they held the funreal at our church building and our bishop asked us to attend. they had us usher the people out as they took the casket out. they told us last second and didnt give details as to how. so that was interesting to figure out, but a good experience id say. we help clean up the building a little and went to the cemetery for the burial and graves dedication. the coolest part was our bishops closing remarks, and the way he powerfully testified of the plan of salvation. it was very spiritual.  that night we had an appointment with kailan riding. the 15 year old thats dad is less active. we set a baptismal date for him! we prayed about it through the week and decided that we were going to go for january 30th. he was pretty excited to set that day. there are some details that still need to be figured out but the lord will help us im confident.
so i dont remember if i told you guys about a guy we met last week, his name is don. an excommunicated member that has decided he wants to get baptized again. hes old, and has some medical issues but is super cool. he has a genuine desire to recommit his life to the lord. this sunday he met with the bishop and took the first step so that now we can teach him. and hopefully his nonmember wife as well. im looking forward to this neat experience.
this coming week we have a video broadcast to all missionaries. looking forward to hearing it tomorrow. its supposed to be historic, so looking forward to it.
hope everyone is doing well! love and miss you all.
elder stark

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