Feb 8, 2016

really hasnt been that long since i last emailed i guess. but heres the two big points.. baptism still didnt happen, and i got sick wednesday after emailing. haha i just realized that that makes it sound like it was a terrible week. it realy wasnt. it was just kinda slow..

so, early in the week we spoke with kailan about planning the baptism for saturday. he said he was gonna talk to his dad about it but apparently that didnt happen.. haha so on friday when i got to the library to set up the program, i found out his dad was not too happy and we did not have his permmission for saturday. so postponed yet again. we will press forward as best we can though!
as for sickness, while we were emailing wednesday i was getting a bit of a headache, then when we got home i felt cruddy all over. so i slept a couple hours, and woke up a bit after our dinner got dropped off. i ate a bit and apparently my body wasnt happy with that. so after a couple hours i finally threw up. elder tuifua came running upstairs wondering what the heck was happening. haha my vigorous yacking is apparently notable. but i slept for super long after that and the next day i felt pretty good. we kept it low key to make sure i was all good. haha but thursday night we had a lesson with a family in ward. their 7 year old is soon to turn 8. so he picked us up fro that and then dropped us off at kailans. we finished preparing him for his interview scheduled friday night – that never happened. his dad wasnt there so we didnt know he hadnt talked to him about it.
friday we had a zone training where they talked about pride the whole time. lame cause im already perfect at pride. 😉 juuust kidding. it was pretty well taught, but it went three hours and it sorta felt like they had maybe 2 hours worth of material. just kinda beating it to death after a point. a good lesson nonetheless.
saturday was a test in faith in that we were walking for a few hours straight, no one seemed to be home! haha we were following up with a few potential investigators, trying member’s homes. nothing. haha we finally got to visit with some members and share a message until dinner. after dinner we went to the calls to help them move in some new couches they got. they were tyring to get the old one down into the basement, but that wasnt gonna happen unless we used my suggestion of taking a chainsaw to the wall. sister call didnt sound particularly approving.. not sure why. hahaha
that night we went with the 3rd ward elders to sister woods. shes in their ward and does nutritionist stuff for people. a very spiritual lady and we had a lot of awesome spiritual discussion with her. really neat and she helped each of us come to know our selves a little bit better. and she gave us some suggestions as far as dieting. really cool lady.
the coolest thing was that she taught us how to meditate to help us both relieve stress and as a way to receive personal revelation. ive been doing it everyday and it feels like a little personal hour with christ. its helping me be closer to my savior and know him better. i think beginning to read jesus the christ is helping a lot too. its just been amazing to come to further realization of His love and knowledge of each of us and makes me want to work on being better and being more like him.
take care family. i love and miss you guys and know that this church is true. im extremely grateful for it every day and desire it for everyone.
elder stark

finally, open libraries

we got dumped on this week, hard core!. weve probably gotten 3+ feet since sunday. so much nonstop snow, its crazy. this week though was pretty good. unfortunately, the baptism did not happen, but it should happen this saturday. excited, and hopeful, for that! the dunfords are doing well, they are planning to be baptized february 27th tentatively.


the dunfords are awesome. we met with them earlier in the week to teach the third lesson. the fellowship has been really good and a lot of people are reaching out to them to help with meals and whatever they can, and just befriending them. its been really neat. on friday we went over there after our district meeting to help them move stuff into the garage for a garage sale. she bought us each a large pizza for ourself. it was pretty funny. thenon monday we weent over and gave brother dunford a blessing before he went in for a procedure he had. and also ended up giving sister dunford a blessing of comfort. it was a really neat experience. our ward mission leader came and we had some good chats about faith and such.


we were able to go on splits on wednesday night for shepherding, that was cool to go with some members and go visit the families they home teach, or just people that needed a visit. it was good for elder tuifua to go off with out me and be with a member. he also got to meet a couple new families that he didnt know.


we had a really neat experience with a sister C. weve gone over and taught the lessons with her, thinking that she had a temple recommend. her husband is not active at all, anti even. and up until this week we were oblivious. she apparently has had a smoking problem since she started coming back to church a little while back. shes been going to an addiction recovery program in the stake. she said its helped a bit but she still cant seem to quit. shes having a really rough time right now. we had dinner with her friday, which is where she told us about these problems. the spirit just took over, and i got my scriptures. elder tuifua held up a picture of christ for her to look at while i read a scripture about the atonement. we felt the spirit super strong, talked to her a bit more and challenged her to cut down from 5 cigs  to 3 a day. so far shes kept to it, and on mondayshe even had an fhe with her husband. a huge step for her. the spirit felt with her was so amazing, and that is what we will rely on with her, because she’ll only be able to quit due to a love for christ, not just for kicks.


im super excited to be seeing people progress in the gospel and come closer to christ, and it makes me want to be more like christ as well. his atonement has amazing poower if we put it to use, and im so grateful for his sacrifice. the church is true! and imso glad i have two years to share about it!


take care family, i love you all!
elder stark

“insert clever subject here”

“insert clever subject here”

this week. lets see. this week we taught kailan twice as we are finishing up preparing him for baptism. he is getting baptized this saturday at 7 pm. so we are hoping the details go well with that! i am really excited for it. hes such an awesome kid and totally grasps everything we teach without a problem.

we taught a man named donald  and his wife valerie. we taught them twice this week. he has stage 4 lung cancer, he just found out a month or so ago. they are soon starting treatments to work on that. he is such a good guy and desires baptism deeply. his wife is catholic and is very interested and has a lot of good questions. its cool to see her come to understand things. she seems to recognize that its better stuff. lol she loves the hope, and uplifting of our message, compared to the screw up and youre going to hell attitude she understood.

the weather was super nice here this week. we had a couple days in the 50s or 60s. such beautiful weather. i was walking around in just a short sleeve dress shirt for a couple days. those are pretty much all i wear unless im wearing a suit. haha i like the short sleeve so much more.

as for the broadcast, it was really cool! lots of good teaching stuff but not quite what i was guessing. i was expecting some sort of massive announcement of changes for missions across the world. it was actually just a training session to help every mission across the world. lol president announced as a historic broadcast (for the reason that they havent done one like it for yeeeears) whereas i thought it was gonna be historic because of the changes to mission life. haha but it was still really cool. unfortunately, that morning, gudrun called to cancel, and when we finally got to see her again saturday she told us she was no longer interested. that was a bummer for sure. but it happens. hopefully one day shell open back up to missionaries

but that day of the broadcast; after, elder hawkins and price were going to a homeless shelter to do service, and we went with em. it was really neat. they have a spot where they hand out food to people who need it. and they have a spot where people can “shop” for clothes. basically they can just go get what they need then they come up to check out, so the place has a record of where stuff goes. so i was working the computer, putting in weight of clothes, and quantities of other stuff they get, like hygiene things. very neat to help out. some people are so nice, some were a little rude considering the situation. lol but it was cool for sure. there are some cool service opportunities for sure.

we went tracting on saturday in the beautiful weather, and actually came across a less active member thats records are not in our ward. haha shes very nice and were hoping to work with her and help bring her back to church.

this week is transfer week. but sincer elder tuifua is in training still, were staying. but elder hawkins is going senior companion for someone who “hasnt been doing too well” we hear. lol and our zone – which was fountain and springs stakes combined – is being split into a fountain zone and a springs zone again. so were getting a new zone leader. elder clancy is another elder that came  out with elder larose and i and he is going zone leader this transfer. which is really cool and im pretty excited for him. unfortunately, he wont be my zone leader but that would be cool.

i think thats all ive got for ya! take care family. love ya much!

elder stark