finally, open libraries

we got dumped on this week, hard core!. weve probably gotten 3+ feet since sunday. so much nonstop snow, its crazy. this week though was pretty good. unfortunately, the baptism did not happen, but it should happen this saturday. excited, and hopeful, for that! the dunfords are doing well, they are planning to be baptized february 27th tentatively.


the dunfords are awesome. we met with them earlier in the week to teach the third lesson. the fellowship has been really good and a lot of people are reaching out to them to help with meals and whatever they can, and just befriending them. its been really neat. on friday we went over there after our district meeting to help them move stuff into the garage for a garage sale. she bought us each a large pizza for ourself. it was pretty funny. thenon monday we weent over and gave brother dunford a blessing before he went in for a procedure he had. and also ended up giving sister dunford a blessing of comfort. it was a really neat experience. our ward mission leader came and we had some good chats about faith and such.


we were able to go on splits on wednesday night for shepherding, that was cool to go with some members and go visit the families they home teach, or just people that needed a visit. it was good for elder tuifua to go off with out me and be with a member. he also got to meet a couple new families that he didnt know.


we had a really neat experience with a sister C. weve gone over and taught the lessons with her, thinking that she had a temple recommend. her husband is not active at all, anti even. and up until this week we were oblivious. she apparently has had a smoking problem since she started coming back to church a little while back. shes been going to an addiction recovery program in the stake. she said its helped a bit but she still cant seem to quit. shes having a really rough time right now. we had dinner with her friday, which is where she told us about these problems. the spirit just took over, and i got my scriptures. elder tuifua held up a picture of christ for her to look at while i read a scripture about the atonement. we felt the spirit super strong, talked to her a bit more and challenged her to cut down from 5 cigs  to 3 a day. so far shes kept to it, and on mondayshe even had an fhe with her husband. a huge step for her. the spirit felt with her was so amazing, and that is what we will rely on with her, because she’ll only be able to quit due to a love for christ, not just for kicks.


im super excited to be seeing people progress in the gospel and come closer to christ, and it makes me want to be more like christ as well. his atonement has amazing poower if we put it to use, and im so grateful for his sacrifice. the church is true! and imso glad i have two years to share about it!


take care family, i love you all!
elder stark


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