a week of firsts

well, let me start with this. VAL GOT BAPTIZED. that was pretty neat… haha it was awesome. tuesday night we set it up for after young women’s new beginnings. so there were quite a few members there which was awesome. Brother Terry, out ward mission leader baptized her and elder tuy and i were the witnesses. so those were a couple of first timers. ive never had some get baptized, and never stood as a witness. oh and while she was changing we taught the restoration to everyone there (something our president has asked us to do now) for some reason elder tuy and i were super nervous cause we were teaching like 30 members at once. kinda humorous how nervous we were to teach a lesosn wed taught so many times. but it went really well and it was awesome.


so because of vals husband, don, being in the hospital and not being able to make it to the baptism, we did vals confirmation in his care center room. however in order to go into his room we had to wear gowns, gloves, and masks. oh and she asked me to confirm her! so that was a first time, and ill always remember it, being dresssed up like a doctor! ahah good memories. yes i got pics so i will send them soon. haha but it was amazing to be a part of a confiramation which had 3 people standin gin and 1 watching. and to feel that simple yet powerful spirit was something else. indescribable.

and yes elder tuifua is getting transferred. a bummer becuase ill miss him and i know he’ll miss this ward. but still excited to be able to stay here. its most common for the trainer to leave and the trainee to take over the area. so we assumed that that is what would happen. we got the call from our zone leaders while we were at the calls still and we stepped out to talk to them. it was so weird to hear that it was him leaving, not me. elder tuifua was a little bummed. but hes gonna be awesome up in castle rock where hes now going. as for my new companion. his name is elder lapana. hes samoan. haha poly to poly. the hard part is that i dont know how hard of a worker he’ll be. its hard to compare to elder tuifua. so it sounds like elder lapana went home early, like before i got here, because of a broken leg, and now hes coming back out. so hopefully he’ll be ready to bike and work hard. haha looking forward to meeting him tomorrow.


we helped with a couple different moves this week. that was nice to get to do some service like that. its interesting how you have some poeple that doubt missionaries’ ability to llift stuff, and some who over estimate us – like thinking two of us can move a piano. haha but saturday elder tuifua and i were helping unload a truck for a guy and one guy that was there was like, be careful this one took 4 of us to get in here. itll give ya a hernia. haha and we were like okay well see if we can do it. and elder tuy and i had no problem alone with it. hahaha. silly people.


this week well be focusing on finding some new people to teach.. i get to exercise that faith i taught to people in zone conference about. haha


love you all! take care


elder stark



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