Feb 22, 2016

so this week at church, both the d’s and kailan showed up a little late. so when the meeting started elder tuifua and i were out in the foyers. i went to walk to the other side to see if they were coming from that side and when i got the the other side, brother jimenez – a great guy – said “did you know youre praying??” i was like uhh no.. haha so it was like the first verse of the song. so i stepped in walked over to my seat and the entire bishopric is staring at me like trying to see if i heard – so i gave em a thumbs up and waited for the end of the song. haha apparently the exec secretary didnt tell them who was praying, so they just defaulted to us. haha pretty funny to almost miss the prayer. but brother jimenez saved the day.


my other slightly humorous story is about a couple weve begun working with. they are the couple that lost their 3 month old baby suddenly last month. that was the funeral we attended. the husband is a computer guy and says religion “isnt his thing” (hes a nonmember). so we asked him to commit to read the book of mormon and his wife is looking at him like yeah! will ya? haha and hes like “honestly, its dry. too boring” and i was like ehhhh, no its not (in my head of course) so i said here how about this, read alma chapter 17, its about a guy cutting off people’s arms. hows that for boring? he admitted it wasnt boring, but he thought it was a bit much. haha now he’ll be reading into the next chapter with his wife, and we encouraged him to pray about it, bet he sounded reluctant. so stay tuned for that!


and yeah there are quite a few people that have word of wisdom issues. haha theres just a lot in the world. but val has given up coffee! and the plan is for her and her husband to be baptized this week! hoping and praying for no complications, but well have to see and roll with it. val is so appreciative of the support she has received and feels that prayers have been answered. we have one last lesson with them tonight and thing should be good! don is doing better as well. he is still very tired. but he has begun chemotherapy and things are looking up it sounds like! so yay for that.


i did get the valentines package. the day before valentines i believe. i cant remember for sure. everyuthing is a blur. haha i have some pics for ya today! so hopefully ill remember to send them.. haha


i think thats what i got for ya guys! love ya much. and this gospel too! hopin the best for you all!


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