Feb 29, 2016

yes my emails have been shorter. haha ive been getting lazy as far as how much i want to type, and figure ill just focus on whats really improtant: the people im working with.


this week we had everything set up for val to be baptized on saturday. we had copies of the program and everything. saturday morning we found out though that don went into the er in the middle of the night. val felt the need, as expected, to stay with him in the hospital. he didnt want her to leave him. so we postponed. we went to visit yesterday and shared the gospel principles lesosn with her in the hospital because she was sad to miss it at church. we also gave don a blessing. that was cool, i really enjoy giving blessings now.  the plan right now is to do the baptism on tuesday night. so we shall see!


we met with kailan this week, finally. and his younger  stgep brother was there. hes 12 and an awesome kid. hes interested in continuing to learn more. but the only problem is that he stay with his dad on the weekends usually, so it will be hard for him to come to church. but we are supposed to meet with him tonight.


the m. family has been progressing pretty well. sister m. has been coming to church for like 4 weeks in a row, and he husband came yesterday! he still doesnt show much interest but i beleive there is very slwo progression happening. he is slowly opening up to us a little more. last time we talked about his beliefs and things. this time were gonna talk to him about what questions he has in his life. hoping the best for him and for his family. wed life him to realize the potential they have for an eternal family. because i think thats a pretty neat aspect.


this week we went on erxchanges with the zone leaders. so wednesday we were both in their ward with the,. it was neat to have that experience of hearing ways that other missioanries teach and do things. it really helps get ideas of things to work on. this week two sisters we are working with ahve given up smoking through a stop smoking program. come tuesday they wil have finished the program. they sound like theyve been doing awesome and have given it up completey. exciting to see.


this week we also had our zone conference. i got to speak in the beginning for about 5 minutes on the topic of using faith in our finding efforts. it was neat to be preparing for that and find a general cofnerence talk that helped talk about faith. then a few scripures and stories that helped too. it was a cool day getting to learn so much and have such spiritual experiences.


things are going well. hope you guys are good. ill probably get transferred march 8, but ya never really know for sure. so i guess well see!


love you all


elder stark


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