Heyo, fambam

hi there yall. this week has been pretty good. we did a lot of service for donna. an investigator thats been investigating for a lifetime. she’ll be moving at the end of the month, so weve been helping her get ready for that. she had this super nice recliner that she wanted to get rid of so she gave it to us! now we have a nice n comfy massage and heated recliner. hahah nice for sitting it at night and playing uke to wind down. haha but what we didnt think of was the fact that shes been a chain smoker forever, so theres a bit of a smoke smell to the chair. hahaha gonna try to figure out how to get that out. if its even possible lol.

as for the d’s, theyve been doing okay. val committed to quit coffee and green tea on tuesday which is awesome! shes had one cup of coffee since but thats it. so were gonna continue to help with that. today she gave us her box of green tea (“gave”) to throw away. lol we went over to give don a blessing because today he is starting his first treatment for cancer, and he wasnt feeling well at all this weekend. hoping for the best for him.

sister c is continuing to improve on the smoking problem and we have a program were going to try this week probably that i believe will help her quit completely. im excited for her. oh and we had an interesting experience with the m family this week. we were on exchanges on friday, so elder hawkins and i were here in sand creek. we had stopped by the day before and set up an apt. with them. the background is that shes a member but her hubby isnt and they are the couple that lost their 3 month old baby a month or so ago. the lesson was interesting, because elder hawkins and i could feel the spirit super strong and the teaching went really well. but there was something off with them. i know they are having a rough time, for obvious reasons. but they didnt seem to be particularly open to feeling the spirit. him more than her. were going back tonight and hoping for the best.

so the uke has been awesome. i got the new one yesterday – packaged much better this time. lol and i put on my new low g strings. its fun to play and im figuring it out again. haha i think elder tuifua and i might try and play/ sing for people as part of our spiritual thoughts. not sure how id transport it… but well need a bit more practice first any way. haha. its fun though for sure.

this church is amazing and has something special, the entire truth. its cool to see these people were working with come to know that a little bit better and i hope i can share it with more people this week. i enjoy the opportunity i have to serve the lord in this capacity and know this is His work. its a special feeling to know that..

love you guys

elder stark



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