March 14, 2016

Elder Tuifua’s parents sent me a tupenu, bracelet and necklace. So this is my Poly style 🙂

first week with elder lapana! hes a great guy. very different than elder tuifua but still awesome and a hard worker. i enjoy being with him. so on tuesday, the day of transfers. i said a sad goodbye to elder tuifua and elder hawkins who drove together to the stake center. i was on exchanges with elder lowe (elder hawkins previous companion). we thought wed only be together for a few hours, until our companions got here. they then informed us at around noon that elder lapanas flight from samoa would not land until late in the evening. poor elder lowe was stuck on his bike that didnt have a seat because it got stolen. haha and we biked all the way to the top of our area, like a 30 minute ride, mostly up hill… haha trooper. that night at about 9 oclock, i met elder lapana. straight from the airport. he wasa bit jet lagged understandably. he just got back out after 5 months of being home to recover from a torn acl. he tore it here playing rugby. haha and had surgery here then went home to heal. honorably, he has returned to the work.


This week though we contacted a ton of the less actives in the ward. we just would go knock on all of them in one area. kinda like tracting for lessactives. we met the husband of a part member family and he told us to come back friday. so we did. they didnt answer. we were bummed. then he came walking around the corner with his dog and said they were at the park and asked us to come over there because the weather was too nice to be inside. which was true its been some gorgeous weather most of the week. anyway i asked him about his dog and he said it was his bird dog. so of course i got into a nice conversation about bird hunting and shooting and he offered to take me on his turkey hunt next month! except we totally arent allowed to do that so i had to sadly decline the beautiful opportunity. haha but he was just that nice of a guy. theyre letting us “practice” going through our lessons with them. but they committed to read the book of mormon everyday. so i think good things can come for them.


We had a good lesson with the m’s. she opened up to us about some things that really matter to her. and he is progressing slowly but still is nonetheless i believe. i got the strongest impression that the biggest reason i am still here in sand creek has to do with brother m. i think there is something the lord needs me to do that will help him. i dont expect he’ll be baptized while i am here but i do think it will happen one day. and an exciting day that will be. the mission has a goal for each companionship to teach 20 lessons a week. and ive never hit it. some areas are pretty much always able to and we havent. but we got really close this week. we hit 18. that was cool. i think well be able to hit 20 soon. kailan and his brother have been doing pretty well. we met with them together once, and then just kailan once. were planning on trying for baptism after spring break which is next week for them.


valerie will be moving which is a bummer 😦 for now i think she’ll still be coming here. because theyre staying around here for awhile, then hoping that he gets well enough soon theyll be moving down to texas. itll be sad to say goodbye but they have good things for them in the future.


hope all is well there. love you guys and loving colorado.


elder stark


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