April 18, 2016

kailans baptism, and an 11 year old in our ward that likes to  dress up when we come over

H2 is gone? 😦

i  cant believe that the ward ive been in my entire life is gone 😦 thats so weird… i dont know how i feel about that. i understand your feelings mom. thats really a bummer.

heres a crazy small world story for ya. the family that we live with, the lindleys, have been here for a long time. since this is the neighboring ward to the mission president’s ward i asked if they knew a gene hymas, sure enough they do. and sister lindley proceeded to tell me about how gene hymas was her bishop in alamagordo new mexico! haha i was like thats my grandpa and my mom grew up there! haha funny enough, sister lindley went to high school with aunt lona and was good friends with her! its been so weird to make all these little connections.
as for the weather we have been getting dumped on with snow. from what i here that happens every march or april usually. but luckily enough we do have a car. we have a chevy cruze right now but are supposed to be getting our truck back this week. so thatll be cool once we get our truck.
this week though we were able to teach 23 lessons! it was funny because most of em were the first part of the week before the snow hit. we found a couple really solid potential investigators tracting this week. one lady that said she had read from the book of mormon before and really liked it, she was busy cookin dinner but said we could come back another time.
another one was a senior lady. we knew we were suppose to tract this certain street but didnt know why. we hadnt talked to very many people then finally this senior lady answers. at first she wasnt interested in our message but we offered to do service for her and she was all the sudden talking to us about how we were sent from god and how much help she needed around the yard since her husband passed away and she was super sweet. well be going back this week to do some service for her and hopefully get some people from the ward to help out.
our teaching pool is pretty good. we have a lot of room to grow still though. we have a woman that is scheduled to be baptized on april 30th. shes pretty awesome and its just a matter of giving up coffee for good. also shes evidently afraid of water. so well see how that part goes.
oh! and kailain did get baptized on saturday! that was so awesome. i got to drive down and see it, i even got to be a witness for it! it was so neat to see that finally happen. long time a-comin. oh and i got to drive through the snowy fun roads. good time for sure. i like driving in snow.
i dont think i have anything else exciting for you right now… hope everything is going well for you guys! love you all
elder stark




April 11

always a new surprise!

so the transfer isnt over for two more weeks. i got transferred as part of an emergency transfer. so one of our APs will be going home at the end of the transfer. they call the new one two weeks before the transfer so he gets a little training time. yesterday around noontime they called the new AP and then i subsequently got a call to be the zone leader replacing the guy that is now the AP. haha so i am a zone leader in the Springs 15th ward of the east stake. neighboring ward, and same building, as the ward that the mission home and mission president are in. so nana and grandpa will recognize the ward im sure.

so saturday at like 1 oclock i noticed we had a missed call from president (we were doing service at the calls and i must not have felt the vibrate) so i called back with no answer. and a little bit later he called me back to ask me if i would be willing to be a zone leader. oh and that i would be leaving sunday at 430. haha so i had about 24 hours to say goodbye to people in the ward. it was a bummer to leave but this will be an exciting adventure i am sure. haha
so my new address is 3645 tapestry terrace, CO Springs, CO 80918. we live in a member’s home. definitely a downsize as far as our space goes, but manageable nonetheless.
but as far as the last week in sand creek, it was a pretty good one. we had quite a few cancellations unfortunately, but it wasnt too bad. we helped brother call replace a couple of fence posts. good times. fortunately they dont have as hard of soil as we do back home. but it still wasnt easy to break free the concrete that was down in the botton. we got as far as we could with what we had – a shovel – and i was asking if there was anyone in the ward with a digger bar. we didnt know of any and ended up going to buy one. it made such a difference. haha it would not have been possible without it. it was funny cause brother call and i had been talking about how general authorities can find any connections to stories in their lives to the gospel. so of course as we are digging at the hole, i had to try it out.
so heres how it went, we started with a little hoe and could scrape away a few inches with that, but then we had to step things up to a shovel to dig out. finally we hit a hard part of concrete and had to really upgrade our methods to a solid steel, 16 lb digger bar. the point being that as we continue through life were gonna find harder things. if we dont step up our game, we wont be able to contend. just like we had to upgrade tools, we ourselves have to upgrade our lives. constantly. its a gospel of continuing conversion. always progressing – D&C 88:124 : cease to be idle. (theres a good ponderizer for ya dad). if we dont progress. we will be stuck. and as we were sitting idle, time is not, so we are actually regressing if we are wasting time that we could be using to improve. so theres my stab at it. haha hope it makes sense.
the church is true.through it we can take part in saving ordinances for ourselves such as baptism ans confirmation (speaking of which that is happening for kailan this saturday! he passed his interview last week. luckily i am close enough to go to and see that amazing day occur) . im grateful for the opportunity ive had to serve in sand creek and look forward to serving in the 15th ward. i take comfort in the fact that ive never read a story in the scriptures where god calls someone to do a task without qualifying himself. humbled by this opportunity and hope to learn. love you guys to death!
elder stark

April 4, 2016


A Glorious General Conference!

general conference was great! i hope you guys enjoyed it. id love to hear what everyones favorite parts were. i think what i loved the most was elder hollands talk at the end. lately ive been wondering how to take things into tomorrow. granted i didnt know i was asking in that way but he first cleared up my question, and then answered it! haha we go to zone trainings every month, and zone conferences every 3 months. and every time i get super excited to become a different person and work on things so that i can be a better missionary. but then a couple days pass and i suddenly have lost all that inspiring motivation. ive been wondering how i can hold onto those feeling and actually change and put that inspiration to use. elder hollands talk is what i needed to hear and i look forward to hearing and reading it again.

we watched general conference at the calls on saturday, and helped brother call dig some holes in between sessions. good day. priesthood we were at brother schlossers (he kinda reminds me of you adam.. a very cool guy of course) they were feeding us that night so he had us over to watch it and then he took us out to eat after. that was cool. kinda like a birthday dinner and he doesnt even know it. ahha butsudnay we watched one session with don and val at the terrys, our ward mission leader, house. that was great, and the last session/dinner with the harveys. a good family. after we stopped by some people’s homes in the ward. tracked down a couple of the very few people left that i havent met in the ward. haah we met a couple really cool families. and got to talk about conference with them.
this week was a little slow, because we were trying to figure out the situation with elder lapanas knees. we still dont quite know what the situation is but later in the week he was able to ride again. hopefully they get feeling better and he wont be in pain riding.
hope everyone has a good week and remembers to make a change from conference!
love you guys!
elder stark

March 28, 2016

easter was pretty low key yesterday. we had dinner with a family in the ward. we actually had hawaiian haystacks because they had forgotten it was easter that they signed up for. haha but they were really good so its okay. theyre a young couple in the ward with a crazy 3 year old, i was doing my best to help distract and calm the kid but it just wasnt happenin much, i let him wear my nametag and that helped a bit. ill have to send the picture she took.


so saturday don got rebaptized. a super neat experience to be a part of. his son drove up from texas to do the baptism and i got to be one of the witnesses. it was a really cool service. that was in the early afternoon. so we were hangin out at the church building while the font was filling for a few hours. i brought the simplified hymns book and taught myself away in a manger on the piano! haha it wasnt too bad to figure out. kinda fun. im far from good at it but its still cool. anyways, after we got home, elder lapana said his knees were hurting a lot – they had been giving him issues throughout the week – and that he couldnt bike. he called the mission doctor, and he said that we needed to not bike for the weekend. hes suppose to get xrays today. so were hoping theres not a problem with his knee again. he did fall off his bike once earlier in the week and its been since then that its hurting so hopefully he didnt redamage it. that put a slower pace to our weekend. we had plans to bike around and stop by people’s places on both saturday and sunday.


this week we had a couple of appointments cancel on us unfortunately, but we did meet a less active couple that we are now teaching. it was friday night that we had our first appointment with them. it began to snow a lot, i asked elder lapana if he wanted to ride or cancel. i was taught a great lesson by his response to ride. it was a really good visit we had with them and they opened up to us a lot about why they dont come to church. im really glad we ended up going.


we have a priest that was coming with us to an appointment that ended up canceling. so we ended up tracting around his neighborhood instead. that was really cool – even though we didnt find anyone to teach – because the priest said he really liked geting to see how we did that because it helped him a lot. so that was pretty cool to do with him.


oh so on wednesday we had a nasty blizzard that had gsts upwards of like 50+ mph winds. it was nuts. long story short, we didnt have our phone for the day because it had gotten left at our dinners house. so we walked a little ways through this insane windy and snowy blizzard, in which i could not look up without death in my eyes, until we got to a members home to use their phone. haha it was pretty funny. i almost got knocked over by the wind once cause a gust caught me off guard. good times. haha


hope you guys have a great week! take care and travel safely! enjoy general conference!

March 21, 2016

this week was a little slow. but still was pretty good. we had interviews with our mission president on tuesday. that went well. they went super long though. so we kept having to push our dinner back further and further. we ended up getting there 45 minutes after our scheduled time. luckily theyre a cool family and were totally understanding.


we met with the m’s after that and that actually went pretty well. we took a member from the ward that help facilitate a lot of conversation from ashley. he opened up more about some things that he has troubles with. the member was a really big help. and im glad we had him come.


we werent able to meet with kailan last week because he had finals and canceled our appointment. and he’ll be out of town this whole week. he seems to be doing well though and promised that he would read the book of mormon everyday this last week.


speaking of book of mormon (its great by the way) for district meeting we talked about using the book of mormon more in our teaching. it was fun to talk about all the things the book of mormon can do for us and the difference it can make in our live and the lives of the people were working with. the book of mormon really is special. i like how in the inroduction page it used to say “..contains, as does the bible, the fullness of the gospel.” but now it just says “contains the fullness of the gospel” because it really is the most complete and true book that there is. as reading the story of nephi and the brass plates i realized how much work they went through to get some scriptures, that were made out of metal. and crazy heavy im sure, especially to be carrying around throughout the wilderness. and yet most of us carry around all the scriptures, magazines and gospel readings we could ever want in our pocket. how often to we take that for granted and not use them? just food for thought.


i have decided that our district is going to be a “district of god” so every transfer we are holding each other accountable for the christlike attributes were working on, and every week each companionship will decide something that they need to work on for the following week and ill foloow up with them every sunday. itll be neat to see the growth this district will have.


elder lapana is great, we have a good time together and we are getting better at teaching with eachother constantly. its a good time to be had out on the mission.


love you guys and HAPPY EASTER
elder stark