March 21, 2016

this week was a little slow. but still was pretty good. we had interviews with our mission president on tuesday. that went well. they went super long though. so we kept having to push our dinner back further and further. we ended up getting there 45 minutes after our scheduled time. luckily theyre a cool family and were totally understanding.


we met with the m’s after that and that actually went pretty well. we took a member from the ward that help facilitate a lot of conversation from ashley. he opened up more about some things that he has troubles with. the member was a really big help. and im glad we had him come.


we werent able to meet with kailan last week because he had finals and canceled our appointment. and he’ll be out of town this whole week. he seems to be doing well though and promised that he would read the book of mormon everyday this last week.


speaking of book of mormon (its great by the way) for district meeting we talked about using the book of mormon more in our teaching. it was fun to talk about all the things the book of mormon can do for us and the difference it can make in our live and the lives of the people were working with. the book of mormon really is special. i like how in the inroduction page it used to say “..contains, as does the bible, the fullness of the gospel.” but now it just says “contains the fullness of the gospel” because it really is the most complete and true book that there is. as reading the story of nephi and the brass plates i realized how much work they went through to get some scriptures, that were made out of metal. and crazy heavy im sure, especially to be carrying around throughout the wilderness. and yet most of us carry around all the scriptures, magazines and gospel readings we could ever want in our pocket. how often to we take that for granted and not use them? just food for thought.


i have decided that our district is going to be a “district of god” so every transfer we are holding each other accountable for the christlike attributes were working on, and every week each companionship will decide something that they need to work on for the following week and ill foloow up with them every sunday. itll be neat to see the growth this district will have.


elder lapana is great, we have a good time together and we are getting better at teaching with eachother constantly. its a good time to be had out on the mission.


love you guys and HAPPY EASTER
elder stark


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