March 28, 2016

easter was pretty low key yesterday. we had dinner with a family in the ward. we actually had hawaiian haystacks because they had forgotten it was easter that they signed up for. haha but they were really good so its okay. theyre a young couple in the ward with a crazy 3 year old, i was doing my best to help distract and calm the kid but it just wasnt happenin much, i let him wear my nametag and that helped a bit. ill have to send the picture she took.


so saturday don got rebaptized. a super neat experience to be a part of. his son drove up from texas to do the baptism and i got to be one of the witnesses. it was a really cool service. that was in the early afternoon. so we were hangin out at the church building while the font was filling for a few hours. i brought the simplified hymns book and taught myself away in a manger on the piano! haha it wasnt too bad to figure out. kinda fun. im far from good at it but its still cool. anyways, after we got home, elder lapana said his knees were hurting a lot – they had been giving him issues throughout the week – and that he couldnt bike. he called the mission doctor, and he said that we needed to not bike for the weekend. hes suppose to get xrays today. so were hoping theres not a problem with his knee again. he did fall off his bike once earlier in the week and its been since then that its hurting so hopefully he didnt redamage it. that put a slower pace to our weekend. we had plans to bike around and stop by people’s places on both saturday and sunday.


this week we had a couple of appointments cancel on us unfortunately, but we did meet a less active couple that we are now teaching. it was friday night that we had our first appointment with them. it began to snow a lot, i asked elder lapana if he wanted to ride or cancel. i was taught a great lesson by his response to ride. it was a really good visit we had with them and they opened up to us a lot about why they dont come to church. im really glad we ended up going.


we have a priest that was coming with us to an appointment that ended up canceling. so we ended up tracting around his neighborhood instead. that was really cool – even though we didnt find anyone to teach – because the priest said he really liked geting to see how we did that because it helped him a lot. so that was pretty cool to do with him.


oh so on wednesday we had a nasty blizzard that had gsts upwards of like 50+ mph winds. it was nuts. long story short, we didnt have our phone for the day because it had gotten left at our dinners house. so we walked a little ways through this insane windy and snowy blizzard, in which i could not look up without death in my eyes, until we got to a members home to use their phone. haha it was pretty funny. i almost got knocked over by the wind once cause a gust caught me off guard. good times. haha


hope you guys have a great week! take care and travel safely! enjoy general conference!


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