April 11

always a new surprise!

so the transfer isnt over for two more weeks. i got transferred as part of an emergency transfer. so one of our APs will be going home at the end of the transfer. they call the new one two weeks before the transfer so he gets a little training time. yesterday around noontime they called the new AP and then i subsequently got a call to be the zone leader replacing the guy that is now the AP. haha so i am a zone leader in the Springs 15th ward of the east stake. neighboring ward, and same building, as the ward that the mission home and mission president are in. so nana and grandpa will recognize the ward im sure.

so saturday at like 1 oclock i noticed we had a missed call from president (we were doing service at the calls and i must not have felt the vibrate) so i called back with no answer. and a little bit later he called me back to ask me if i would be willing to be a zone leader. oh and that i would be leaving sunday at 430. haha so i had about 24 hours to say goodbye to people in the ward. it was a bummer to leave but this will be an exciting adventure i am sure. haha
so my new address is 3645 tapestry terrace, CO Springs, CO 80918. we live in a member’s home. definitely a downsize as far as our space goes, but manageable nonetheless.
but as far as the last week in sand creek, it was a pretty good one. we had quite a few cancellations unfortunately, but it wasnt too bad. we helped brother call replace a couple of fence posts. good times. fortunately they dont have as hard of soil as we do back home. but it still wasnt easy to break free the concrete that was down in the botton. we got as far as we could with what we had – a shovel – and i was asking if there was anyone in the ward with a digger bar. we didnt know of any and ended up going to buy one. it made such a difference. haha it would not have been possible without it. it was funny cause brother call and i had been talking about how general authorities can find any connections to stories in their lives to the gospel. so of course as we are digging at the hole, i had to try it out.
so heres how it went, we started with a little hoe and could scrape away a few inches with that, but then we had to step things up to a shovel to dig out. finally we hit a hard part of concrete and had to really upgrade our methods to a solid steel, 16 lb digger bar. the point being that as we continue through life were gonna find harder things. if we dont step up our game, we wont be able to contend. just like we had to upgrade tools, we ourselves have to upgrade our lives. constantly. its a gospel of continuing conversion. always progressing – D&C 88:124 : cease to be idle. (theres a good ponderizer for ya dad). if we dont progress. we will be stuck. and as we were sitting idle, time is not, so we are actually regressing if we are wasting time that we could be using to improve. so theres my stab at it. haha hope it makes sense.
the church is true.through it we can take part in saving ordinances for ourselves such as baptism ans confirmation (speaking of which that is happening for kailan this saturday! he passed his interview last week. luckily i am close enough to go to and see that amazing day occur) . im grateful for the opportunity ive had to serve in sand creek and look forward to serving in the 15th ward. i take comfort in the fact that ive never read a story in the scriptures where god calls someone to do a task without qualifying himself. humbled by this opportunity and hope to learn. love you guys to death!
elder stark

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