April 4, 2016


A Glorious General Conference!

general conference was great! i hope you guys enjoyed it. id love to hear what everyones favorite parts were. i think what i loved the most was elder hollands talk at the end. lately ive been wondering how to take things into tomorrow. granted i didnt know i was asking in that way but he first cleared up my question, and then answered it! haha we go to zone trainings every month, and zone conferences every 3 months. and every time i get super excited to become a different person and work on things so that i can be a better missionary. but then a couple days pass and i suddenly have lost all that inspiring motivation. ive been wondering how i can hold onto those feeling and actually change and put that inspiration to use. elder hollands talk is what i needed to hear and i look forward to hearing and reading it again.

we watched general conference at the calls on saturday, and helped brother call dig some holes in between sessions. good day. priesthood we were at brother schlossers (he kinda reminds me of you adam.. a very cool guy of course) they were feeding us that night so he had us over to watch it and then he took us out to eat after. that was cool. kinda like a birthday dinner and he doesnt even know it. ahha butsudnay we watched one session with don and val at the terrys, our ward mission leader, house. that was great, and the last session/dinner with the harveys. a good family. after we stopped by some people’s homes in the ward. tracked down a couple of the very few people left that i havent met in the ward. haah we met a couple really cool families. and got to talk about conference with them.
this week was a little slow, because we were trying to figure out the situation with elder lapanas knees. we still dont quite know what the situation is but later in the week he was able to ride again. hopefully they get feeling better and he wont be in pain riding.
hope everyone has a good week and remembers to make a change from conference!
love you guys!
elder stark

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