April 18, 2016

kailans baptism, and an 11 year old in our ward that likes to  dress up when we come over

H2 is gone? 😦

i  cant believe that the ward ive been in my entire life is gone 😦 thats so weird… i dont know how i feel about that. i understand your feelings mom. thats really a bummer.

heres a crazy small world story for ya. the family that we live with, the lindleys, have been here for a long time. since this is the neighboring ward to the mission president’s ward i asked if they knew a gene hymas, sure enough they do. and sister lindley proceeded to tell me about how gene hymas was her bishop in alamagordo new mexico! haha i was like thats my grandpa and my mom grew up there! haha funny enough, sister lindley went to high school with aunt lona and was good friends with her! its been so weird to make all these little connections.
as for the weather we have been getting dumped on with snow. from what i here that happens every march or april usually. but luckily enough we do have a car. we have a chevy cruze right now but are supposed to be getting our truck back this week. so thatll be cool once we get our truck.
this week though we were able to teach 23 lessons! it was funny because most of em were the first part of the week before the snow hit. we found a couple really solid potential investigators tracting this week. one lady that said she had read from the book of mormon before and really liked it, she was busy cookin dinner but said we could come back another time.
another one was a senior lady. we knew we were suppose to tract this certain street but didnt know why. we hadnt talked to very many people then finally this senior lady answers. at first she wasnt interested in our message but we offered to do service for her and she was all the sudden talking to us about how we were sent from god and how much help she needed around the yard since her husband passed away and she was super sweet. well be going back this week to do some service for her and hopefully get some people from the ward to help out.
our teaching pool is pretty good. we have a lot of room to grow still though. we have a woman that is scheduled to be baptized on april 30th. shes pretty awesome and its just a matter of giving up coffee for good. also shes evidently afraid of water. so well see how that part goes.
oh! and kailain did get baptized on saturday! that was so awesome. i got to drive down and see it, i even got to be a witness for it! it was so neat to see that finally happen. long time a-comin. oh and i got to drive through the snowy fun roads. good time for sure. i like driving in snow.
i dont think i have anything else exciting for you right now… hope everything is going well for you guys! love you all
elder stark




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