April 25, 2016

so this week is the transfer week. it feels weird since i just got transferred like two weeks ago. but because of that, neither myself, nor my companion will be getting transferred this week. weve got a few changes in our zone. two guys that were in our district are becoming zone leaders in other places. so thats pretty cool. ive become good friends with one of em, he came out right after i did.

this past week though was pretty sucky for the first few days. i got super sick – kinda like that time we were in utah for christmas and right before we left for home i got a really bad croaky cough and everything. we the terrible congestion and all. thats what this was. but luckily id prety much kicked it by thursday with the help of a priesthood blessing, relentless mother-like efforts from sister lindley who we live with, and some antibiotics prescribed by the mission doctor.
we were still able to visit quite a few people at the end of the week, we ended up teaching about 13 lessons still. we helped a member with some fence work. we had to replace two posts, and we ended up being able to dig around it and pulling up the entire chunk of concrete due to the previous snow. that was pretty crazy. by comparison the fence work ive done here has been nothing compared to digging in the fun dirt back home. that stuff was nuts! the member was pretty grateful im sure because he  didnt know much about what we were doing, so i took lead on the project, did the cementing and all. haha it was interesting being in your place on the job, dad.
we have an investigator. a sweet lady named LuAnn. She is supposed to be baptized this saturday! so we are excited for her and hope everything goes well on that boat. she is still finishing up quitting her green tea, thats pproving pretty hard for her.
theres a family in the ward that has a son that hasnt been coming to church really lately. his girlfriend is not a member and we went over to visit with the family, and both the son and his girlfriend sat in on the message. it was pretty neat and were hoping that we can have something come of it.
we had another less active sister dating a nonmember guy that was okay with meeting with us. unfortunately he was having quite a bad migraine, so when we went to teach him, he just was laying down in the other room in pain and listened to us. it was a kinda a weird lesson i have to admit, but it will hopefully turn into a good opportunity to teach this man about the gospel.
oh we also had a less active guy that we were asked to visit and see if he would take the lessons. he was very nice, actually from concord or walnut creek, i cant recall which. but he loves it out there. hes middle aged and single and i think has just gotten kinda lazy about coming to church, but he accepted the invitation for us to go through the lessons. so that was really neat! were excited to begin working with him.
im super glad i get to be out here on a mission. its a great place to be and a great work to be a part of. i hope your week goes well, i love you guys!
elder stark

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