May 2, 2016

IMG_20160508_211716heyo fam bam! this week has been good for some reason. not the best for others. we were all pumped because we had enough appointments scheduled that we could fill a most of our time and wed be teaching almost all the people we are working with. then like half of them cancelled last minute and our motivation to find other things to do in the moment was slack-a-lackin. and the weather was way bad. got a lot of snow and such and it was just cooold. haha so over all we didnt get to teach as much as we were hoping. but the good part was actually great: our investigator, LuAnn got baptized! that was super exciting.

i just got here for the tail end of things but its been reallly cool nonetheless. so, shes around 70 years old, divorced, lives alone. her daughter and her family all got baptized about three years ago now. her daughter was concerned about her mother trying to shovel her snow. she called the bishops wife in january and asked who she could possibly hire in the ward to shovel her mothers driveway. the bishops wife said hey the misisonaries will do it for free! and so they sent over the missionaries at the time to shovel her driveway. she let them share a message, and sure enough one thing lead to another and 4 months later she entered the waters of baptism.
the daughter that is a member drove up from arizona with her family for the baptism. they have two teenagers that sing. the son played a super cool accompaniment on the guitar while they sang a duet of come thou fount of every blessing. as im sure you remember kara singing that at my farewell, so it holds a special place in my heart. our mission president and his wife came for the baptism as well, and they very much enjoyed the musical number. to the point that our mission president invited them to come and perform it at a fireside the mission put on sunday evening. its called the “work of salvation fireside” its where recent converts and recently returning members get a chance to speak about their experiences in coming into (or back into) the church. its a super neat fireside and it was cool that they got to perform again and their grandma was even there to see it.
so this coming week we have what is called “MLC”. it stands for missionary leadership council. basically its all of the zone leaders, and sister training leaders, and the APs, as well as president. we talk about any issues in the mission and decide what needs to be taught on friday at zone training. looking forward to the new opportunities.
oh so i sent your number, mom, to sister Del’Pontonie, who is feeding us on sunday and we will be skyping from there. it sounds like theyre more familiar with google hangouts. but she should be contacting you guys soon. if she hasnt already…
hope everythings going well with the “new” ward. still weird to think about there being no H2… love and miss you all!
elder stark

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