Fishy Family – May 9, 2016

i hope to see pictures of our fish in their respective beds! haha, thats pretty awesome. i hope you liked the gift mom! it was great to see all of your great faces yesterday! miss each of you and enjoyed getting to chat. glad to hear that everyone is doing well!

Mother’s day gifts- one pillow sea creature for each kid. (There is a history of fish pillow practical jokes )
things are good here still! haha i know i just told you that last night, but still no problems have arisen since. lol we had exchanges on tuesday and on saturday, same companionship, we just switched who we were with. tuesday was crazy! we ended up teaching 18 lessons between the two companionships! that was really cool. especially because as my companion and i were preparing for our zone training that was on friday, we felt we needed to talk about how as we have faith miracles can occur. we proved it! haha we got 2 new investigators and a few others with potential to become an investigator. we also met a lady on wednesday night. she had us over for dinner, nonmember family except for her daughter that is at college who got baptized a couple years ago. she sent us to visit her mom and her mom is super nice and even interested in taking the lessons. some beautiful miracles.
it was neat studying for our zone training because i found stories in the bible that are miracles physically (ie healings and things) but then in 3 nephi 19:35 christ says, “so great faith have i never seen among all the jews; wherefore i could not show unto them so great miracles, because of their unbelief.” i soon realized that the greatest miracles of all, the ones that couldnt occur among all the jews, was the miracle of a softened heart. take a look at verse 33 “…their hearts were open…”. what could be more miraculous than a softened heart that leads to exaltation and eternal happiness. i know the lord provides miracles to the faithful. he says that angels are declaring it unto many (alma 13:24) you can be those angels that answers people’s prayers and declare it unto many. 
grateful to be a part of the Lords work. to help people change their lives and come unto Christ. so that his atonement does not go to waste. 
love you all, love the gospel. 
elder stark

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