May 16, 2016 20 minute talks?

a couple weeks ago, a member of the bishopric texted us and asked if we would each pick a preach my gospel chapter that would help the ward’s missionary efforts, then prepare a 15 to 20 minute talk on it for sacrament meeting! well that said sacrament meeting was yesterday… and we forgot… so i ended up just singing all of my favorite missionary hymns over the pulpit. just kidding. i would never do that. we remembered alright, and my companion prefers to type out everything hes gonna say. so we spent about 6 hours at the library last week solely preparing our talks.

i thought they both went really well, and we both spoke for right about 20 minutes. it was crazy, i never thought id be able to speak for that long. haha mid-talk, i actually had to cut out like 5+ minutes of material too, because i didnt want to go too long. a “stark” contrast to my first speaking assignment in sacrament… pardon the pun.
today, a group of us are going fishing at a resovoir nearby, should be some fun! hopefully we catch something, im looking for cheap meals 😉 haha
oh and we are singing in a stake youth choir for stake conference this next weekend. evidently they didnt have enough youth, so they asked the missionaries in the stake to join. its been pretty cool, but boy i miss your choir directing mom! haha
as for our teaching efforts this week, we were busy doing alot of other stuff that unfortunately did not allow us to get very much done. we still had some good lessons with people and were able to begin teaching a not so active family in the ward. theyre super nice and were teaching the 11 year old son specifically to learn about the priesthood before he becomes a deacon.
we also had exchanged with the APs this week. so wednesday we were both in their area. it was fun to get to be in the most productive area in the mission! we had some crazy cool successes with tracting out one particular apartment complex. oh and it was hailing like crazy! glad i had my jacket.. haha
its amazing how the gospel can be so simply understood but has immeasurable depth. any aspect of it can be highlighted for whatever situation. it truly can affect everyone who is willing to listen to it. there is no way there could be such order and such simplicity of happiness in a world this chaotic if it werent designed by He who knows all. so grateful for the knowledge i have of the gospel. grateful to you guys being such amazing examples for me and helping me learn so much.
love you all!
elder stark


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