May 23, 2016

Fisherman 1 day-wk Fisher of Men 6 days-wk
fisherman one day a week, fisher of men 6 days a week

Geocaching w- Elder Hagman

so the fishing trip was a bit of a bust, but still a good time for sure! we were out at the reservoir for about 2 hours. we saw lots of rainbows jumpin out and about, but they didnt bite for us. we are probably gonna try again later into summer. hopefully get some catfish! those are yummy. elder ward and i had our nice fishing outfits rocking for it. so ill have to put the picture on the google drive! haha

this week was good, nothing super amazing, but good still. we taught some good lessons, but still had a couple cancellations as usually tends to happen! saturday and sunday was stake conference. and they had a youth choir singing in it for the sunday session. they had us invite our whole zone to sing in it. a decent amount did, we practice three times on saturday mornings. so on saturday morning we were there. then in the afternoon, we went back to the church for priesthood leadership, then again for the adult session. it was really good! our mission president and his wife spoke at the adult session. they showed a segment from training videos we watch to help with the member missionary work. the stake is really pushing it right now. its pretty awesome! looking forward to seeing big things happen.
since sunday was stake conference, we had church from 10 to 12 instead of 1 to 4. so we got to go out and do a lot of missionary work on the best day to do it! it was cool to get to go tracting and have so many people home! we didnt have much successes, we followed up with a lot of people we had talked to that said we could come back. we had like 4 out of 5 tell us they werent interested, but that can actually be good, because now we know, and can look for more people and not keep trying to get a hold of these people. haha always a silver lining right? its the lord’s work, its definitely gonna work out. no doubt about it.
so we had exchanges twice this week. the first one was with the black forest elders. black forest is like a suburb of springs(sort of) part of the ward is a suburban area just outside the springs (that has most of the members), but most of the geography of it is in an actual forest. its a really neat place and i was there for the day with elder hagman, hes from central california and he actually came out with me. hes an awesome guy and we had a lot of fun. we had some good tracting, a few lessons with members and biked like crazy! they live 15 miles away from the suburban area, and thats where they do most of their missionary work. since they dont have very many miles, elder hagman wanted to bike as much as possible. we drove part way, then biked the rest of the day. 20 miles with insane winds in our face! it was super fun and way pretty! but boy was i tired and that was just one way.. we got a ride back to the car cause we didnt have time to bike it.
the other one was a bit east of the springs called falcon, its just flat plains. that was a good time. i got to go to their district meeting and see how that went. thats the district my trainer and elder hagman are in.
this coming week we have zone conference, and ill be conducting… haha hopefully i dont mess up! itll be cool though, theyre always a very spiritually uplifting meeting.
love you guys and hope everything goes well!
Elder Stark

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