June 20, 2016

Hawt Biking


this week it was quite warm! such a dry heat though, its pretty weird. my companion and i decided to bike for two days this week. that was fun! makes me miss biking in my last area. we had some super good lessons this week. both of the single less active men we are working with are progressing well and we had some really good lessons with each of them. they were both super neat and spiritual. one in particular was while on exchanges. so another elder and i get there with one plan in mind and a few minutes into it, he looks at me and says “introduction?” and so we went through the book of mormon introduction page with him and it was exactly what he needed! it was so cool to see the blessings of following spiritual promptings.


we started teaching a 12 year old kid this week that is being fostered by a member. hes been coming to church with the family and is awesome. he really wants to keep learning.


later in the week we did begin teaching the friend of this sister. we had the first lesson with her and i think it was neat to see her start to truly understand the doctrine which i truly believe started to soften her heart. she agreed to read and pray (a huge step for her) and i explained the need for real intent in asking our heavenly father about the truth of it. she seemed to understand that and said shell ask god and tell us what he says. im looking forward to seeing how that goes.


the biking was super fun, but i had an experience that helped reassure me that i have guardian angels watching over me! i was performing a maneuver ive done many times – going up a curb – when something went array (not exactly sure what) but i was up only on my back wheel for a moment followed by going over the handlebars and my bike crashing over to the side of me. i sustained to injury and my bike was working fine til we were almost home and i hadnt realized that the derailleur was a few gears out of allignment… luckily we live around the corner from a member that actually owns a bike company! haha so he was able to fix it up and tune up my bike free of charge! haha that was a blessing for sure. i was wishing i was wearing a go pro to catch it on film.


i know this is the lords work and that i am on his errand. grateful to be able to be a tool in the lords hand.


i hope you all had a great fathers day, love you all!

elder stark



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Elder Jared Stark

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June 27, 2016

Family (History?) is Cool


So last week we went to a family history because i was like wow, im oblivious as far as what to do with family history. They consultant that was helping me saw my tree and goes “hmm.. yes… i see… this is making sense..” and im wondering if hes gonna tell me that somethings wrong, but instead he said, “you are the grandson of president hymas! i served in the mission office with him!” his name was Brother Sparrow and he knows nana and grandpa well! haha


but anyways he showed me how to do some family history and how we can help nonmembers do the same! its super neat and theres some awesome information on familysearch. sometimes it just needs minor corrections and the temple work can be one for someone! its also just interesting to read about ancestors – like daniel stark on the ship brooklyn. or i just cracked out the stories you printed for me to bring mom, and read those the other day. your work was much appreciated! haha


we biked some more this week, that was awesome. and youll never guess. i figured out how to bunny hop! ive only tried a couple times, but my comp had to pump up his tire so i gave it a go and boom whole bike in the air. haha so thats my newest trick. it feels good to be outside and biking. always love breathing the air. gotta enjoy any of it you can get because there isnt a whole lot here.


this week though we taught one of the less active members we have been working with and he said he believes the book of mormon is pretty much true! he doesnt really wanna come to church but well work on that 😉 we taught the plan of salvation and it was super neat. i really love the comfort knowing that we can be with our families forever and that our heavenly father has prepared a way for us to do it!


we also taught the plan of salvation the the 12 year old we are teaching with the family he is living with. they are a lively bunch to be around and its never quiet, but yet you can still feel the spirit testifying of the truth. its really neat.


by way of announcement, my companion and i will be moving into a different member’s home tomorrow. our new address will be

6748 Dream Weaver Dr

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80923

it is the Jenkin’s home. theyre a super nice older couple and well have the basement, which will be sweet.


i hope everyone has an amazing week!


elder stark


hello (from the inside) June 13, 2016

so first off, if you havent seen the hello by adele missionary parody; check it out. a member showed it to us this week. its pretty hilarious.

this week was good. My companion was having stomach issues so we could break away from the house for an appointment at a time. i was a little frustrated, but then again i dont know what he wsa going through exactly so i was trying to be patient. we had a couple of really neat things happen though.
first we have a lessactive guy thats about 30. he grew up in the church, but currently doesnt believe that it it true. the missionaries were visiting him for a long time but just to kinda share an uplifting message because he has a lot of back issues and is a lot of pain. they werent really going anywhere with him. we decided we wanted him to go somewhere or we wouldnt be able to visit so often. we talked to him about taking the lessons and actually doing things. he was like i guess ill give it a try, i just dont feel like there can be another testament of jesus christ. so we taught him about the restoration (most of which he didnt know or atleast didnt remember at all) he was like okay so do you like have a recommendation of what to read? and my companion and i looked at eachother and said 3 nephi 11? yep. okay we explained that it was about christ coming to the americas. he was like whaa? can we read it right now?? i was like uh yes sir we can! he was amazed by this chapter. this whole time he just didnt know what he didnt believe in. it was neat to see the spirit soften his heart to the truth.
then we had a dinner with a sister that got baptized a couple years ago now. she has 4 kids of her own and just took in two foster kids. all very young and shes a single mom. im amazed by her love and compassion she has. anyway she had a friend over that is not a member. her friend had a lot of questions and kinda wonders why so many people believe in all these crazy mormon beliefs. after answering some questions and not really getting anywhere we basically said youll never know til you listen to what we believe and try it out yourself. will you listen to the lessons? she accepted! and we will begin this week! exciting stuff.
ill put some more pictures up in a few minutes. i forgot my camera last week. so look for those
love you all dearly!
elder stark

June 6, 2016

this week indeed is transfer week. both my companion and i will be staying in this area. my companion goes home at the end of this transfer. so hopefully he wont get too trunky. but at the end of this month we will be moving houses and moving into a different member’s home, though. they rotate every 6 months or so.

this week though, we had our big “mission leadership council” meeting. that takes up all day and then on friday we had our zone training meeting, which took all of thursday to prepare for. for zone training we had a few things our mission president asked us to train the zone on, then on top of that we decided that we wanted to talk about the topic of “becoming”. sounds nice and dramatic right? we got the idea from the email you sent me dad about elder bradford coming to your mission and telling you how the mission is so that the lord can turn us into something worthwhile. it was really neat being able to share your email with the zone. i got some feedback after that it was really powerful. i hope some people have been touched by the holy spirit and plan to use this mission as the accelerated program of progression that it is.
we didnt have many teaching opportunities this week but it was still very spiritually uplifting as we did so much extra study of the scriptures and talks preparing for our zone training. on sunday we had our monthly meeting with the stake presidency and mission president. we were joined by our area seventy authority. it was neat, and we were glad we had prepared enough on what to talk about with the stake missionary efforts.
im so grateful for the lords hand in my life, the way he lifts me up to more than i could ever be on my own. just like helaman 12:7-8 talks about. we are nothing. less than the dirt even. but he can turn the dirt into mountains and he can do the same with us. its a good work to be involved in.
hope hawaii is a blast mom and dad! love you all!!
elder stark

May 31, 2016


Hello fambam!

This week was another good week! Zone Conference was pretty awesome. Conducting was interesting, but pretty cool to do for the first time! Dinner that night was with the Greenes, always a a good time there, they were the ones that sent pictures of us playing miniature ping pong.
On Wednesday we were on exchanges with the Stetson Hills elders from our zone. I was with elder Supinger in my area. That was awesome. He is super good at talking to every single person out and about. He immediately began to teach them on the spot and i learned a lot from him in how to just teach people right away and to just relax, do it, and go by the spirit. It was really neat. Hes from central california (maybe south bay, i dont remember) but it was fun to see how much our pre mission lives were similar.
We found a less active sister that apparently had not been open to previous attempts of the ward reaching out but for some reason she was willing to meet with us this week when elder supinger and i stopped by. We have  begun teaching her and are helping her develop a testimony of temples and the need to receive the blessings offered within them. im so grateful that the lord is preparing people for us.
our crazy story this week was that there was a huge hailstorm on thursday. we went to pick up some biking elders that were stranded. they were standing on a driveway using the doormats to protect themselves! haha it was a funny sight to drive up to. we had just bought lunch so we just decided to eat at their place, after being there an hour elder schilling realized he didnt have the phone, when we went to leave he found it in a puddle by his car door. we put it in rice and a couple hours later it turned on but not for too long. we were running around trying to figure out what to do, and were luckily able to get a new one on friday morning at the mission office. little did we know until after, that we had 4 missionaries in our zone get emergency transferred out of our zone while we didnt have a phone. we were worried that president might have been trying to get in touch with us if he needed us involved. luckily all was well and the lord had watched over us!
as for the fun stuff, last monday, me and two elders from a trio in a neighboring ward went golfing! it was a ton of fun! theres an elder that has super nice golf clubs with him – kinda silly that he has them on his mission, but it was some fun golfing anyway! haha like you always say dad, it only takes one good hit to make me want to come play another round. and we were on the last hole, i realized i hadnt had an actual good hit yet. sure enough, my last drive was a solid 250 yards up hill. we were playing best ball between the three of us. so we played from my drive. elder johnson (the golfer one with clubs) said he was gonna use a 3 wood for the next 200 yards to the hill. well evidently i can hit it 230+ yards with a 3 wood… haha i overshot the hole by far and ended up in like a fenced off waterplant thing. haha so i got two good hits!
this week, we went fishing at skaguay reservoir. that was a lot of fun. its up in the mountains. beautiful and i caught 2 rainbows! we all caught atleast two. there is a family in the neighboring ward that took us and the trio. a pretty sight and a good time. also a good sunburn… lots of good times to be had! loving it all the time. transfers are next week! so next monday ill inform you of any changes! love you all!