hello (from the inside) June 13, 2016

so first off, if you havent seen the hello by adele missionary parody; check it out. a member showed it to us this week. its pretty hilarious.

this week was good. My companion was having stomach issues so we could break away from the house for an appointment at a time. i was a little frustrated, but then again i dont know what he wsa going through exactly so i was trying to be patient. we had a couple of really neat things happen though.
first we have a lessactive guy thats about 30. he grew up in the church, but currently doesnt believe that it it true. the missionaries were visiting him for a long time but just to kinda share an uplifting message because he has a lot of back issues and is a lot of pain. they werent really going anywhere with him. we decided we wanted him to go somewhere or we wouldnt be able to visit so often. we talked to him about taking the lessons and actually doing things. he was like i guess ill give it a try, i just dont feel like there can be another testament of jesus christ. so we taught him about the restoration (most of which he didnt know or atleast didnt remember at all) he was like okay so do you like have a recommendation of what to read? and my companion and i looked at eachother and said 3 nephi 11? yep. okay we explained that it was about christ coming to the americas. he was like whaa? can we read it right now?? i was like uh yes sir we can! he was amazed by this chapter. this whole time he just didnt know what he didnt believe in. it was neat to see the spirit soften his heart to the truth.
then we had a dinner with a sister that got baptized a couple years ago now. she has 4 kids of her own and just took in two foster kids. all very young and shes a single mom. im amazed by her love and compassion she has. anyway she had a friend over that is not a member. her friend had a lot of questions and kinda wonders why so many people believe in all these crazy mormon beliefs. after answering some questions and not really getting anywhere we basically said youll never know til you listen to what we believe and try it out yourself. will you listen to the lessons? she accepted! and we will begin this week! exciting stuff.
ill put some more pictures up in a few minutes. i forgot my camera last week. so look for those
love you all dearly!
elder stark

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