June 6, 2016

this week indeed is transfer week. both my companion and i will be staying in this area. my companion goes home at the end of this transfer. so hopefully he wont get too trunky. but at the end of this month we will be moving houses and moving into a different member’s home, though. they rotate every 6 months or so.

this week though, we had our big “mission leadership council” meeting. that takes up all day and then on friday we had our zone training meeting, which took all of thursday to prepare for. for zone training we had a few things our mission president asked us to train the zone on, then on top of that we decided that we wanted to talk about the topic of “becoming”. sounds nice and dramatic right? we got the idea from the email you sent me dad about elder bradford coming to your mission and telling you how the mission is so that the lord can turn us into something worthwhile. it was really neat being able to share your email with the zone. i got some feedback after that it was really powerful. i hope some people have been touched by the holy spirit and plan to use this mission as the accelerated program of progression that it is.
we didnt have many teaching opportunities this week but it was still very spiritually uplifting as we did so much extra study of the scriptures and talks preparing for our zone training. on sunday we had our monthly meeting with the stake presidency and mission president. we were joined by our area seventy authority. it was neat, and we were glad we had prepared enough on what to talk about with the stake missionary efforts.
im so grateful for the lords hand in my life, the way he lifts me up to more than i could ever be on my own. just like helaman 12:7-8 talks about. we are nothing. less than the dirt even. but he can turn the dirt into mountains and he can do the same with us. its a good work to be involved in.
hope hawaii is a blast mom and dad! love you all!!
elder stark

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