June 20, 2016

Hawt Biking


this week it was quite warm! such a dry heat though, its pretty weird. my companion and i decided to bike for two days this week. that was fun! makes me miss biking in my last area. we had some super good lessons this week. both of the single less active men we are working with are progressing well and we had some really good lessons with each of them. they were both super neat and spiritual. one in particular was while on exchanges. so another elder and i get there with one plan in mind and a few minutes into it, he looks at me and says “introduction?” and so we went through the book of mormon introduction page with him and it was exactly what he needed! it was so cool to see the blessings of following spiritual promptings.


we started teaching a 12 year old kid this week that is being fostered by a member. hes been coming to church with the family and is awesome. he really wants to keep learning.


later in the week we did begin teaching the friend of this sister. we had the first lesson with her and i think it was neat to see her start to truly understand the doctrine which i truly believe started to soften her heart. she agreed to read and pray (a huge step for her) and i explained the need for real intent in asking our heavenly father about the truth of it. she seemed to understand that and said shell ask god and tell us what he says. im looking forward to seeing how that goes.


the biking was super fun, but i had an experience that helped reassure me that i have guardian angels watching over me! i was performing a maneuver ive done many times – going up a curb – when something went array (not exactly sure what) but i was up only on my back wheel for a moment followed by going over the handlebars and my bike crashing over to the side of me. i sustained to injury and my bike was working fine til we were almost home and i hadnt realized that the derailleur was a few gears out of allignment… luckily we live around the corner from a member that actually owns a bike company! haha so he was able to fix it up and tune up my bike free of charge! haha that was a blessing for sure. i was wishing i was wearing a go pro to catch it on film.


i know this is the lords work and that i am on his errand. grateful to be able to be a tool in the lords hand.


i hope you all had a great fathers day, love you all!

elder stark



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