June 27, 2016

Family (History?) is Cool


So last week we went to a family history because i was like wow, im oblivious as far as what to do with family history. They consultant that was helping me saw my tree and goes “hmm.. yes… i see… this is making sense..” and im wondering if hes gonna tell me that somethings wrong, but instead he said, “you are the grandson of president hymas! i served in the mission office with him!” his name was Brother Sparrow and he knows nana and grandpa well! haha


but anyways he showed me how to do some family history and how we can help nonmembers do the same! its super neat and theres some awesome information on familysearch. sometimes it just needs minor corrections and the temple work can be one for someone! its also just interesting to read about ancestors – like daniel stark on the ship brooklyn. or i just cracked out the stories you printed for me to bring mom, and read those the other day. your work was much appreciated! haha


we biked some more this week, that was awesome. and youll never guess. i figured out how to bunny hop! ive only tried a couple times, but my comp had to pump up his tire so i gave it a go and boom whole bike in the air. haha so thats my newest trick. it feels good to be outside and biking. always love breathing the air. gotta enjoy any of it you can get because there isnt a whole lot here.


this week though we taught one of the less active members we have been working with and he said he believes the book of mormon is pretty much true! he doesnt really wanna come to church but well work on that 😉 we taught the plan of salvation and it was super neat. i really love the comfort knowing that we can be with our families forever and that our heavenly father has prepared a way for us to do it!


we also taught the plan of salvation the the 12 year old we are teaching with the family he is living with. they are a lively bunch to be around and its never quiet, but yet you can still feel the spirit testifying of the truth. its really neat.


by way of announcement, my companion and i will be moving into a different member’s home tomorrow. our new address will be

6748 Dream Weaver Dr

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80923

it is the Jenkin’s home. theyre a super nice older couple and well have the basement, which will be sweet.


i hope everyone has an amazing week!


elder stark



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