August 1, 2016

only one year left.

Lizzy and -Her Missionaries-.JPGThe Elders.JPG

The time has FLOWN by. I cant believe ive hit my one year mark. Helped me realize ive still got a lot of hings to imrpove on before my missions over.

Things are still goin great! Lizzy is beyond ecstatic about he baptism this week! She is seriously so solid and will make an amazing member! her faith is powerful and her zeal for the gospel is unbelievable. today we went and hike Mt Herman with lizzy and the APs. Such a cool hike! we had a great time and when lizzy met the other elders she said “im not a member yet but this saturday at 3 is my baptism! wana come?” hahahah it was great.
We also have a less active guy that is getting super close to being able to go to the temple, he really wants to do the work for his father and step father. such a pure heart and desire.
My companion and i are doing super well and get along great! we have a blast all day everyday and are really excited to help eachother become better missionaries. So grateful for my savior and the constant help he gives to me to always become a little bit better.
i love and miss you guys dearly
elder stark

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