July 11, 2016

stacks o’ (meat)ings

This week consisted of both a stack of meetings, as well as a stack of meat. Members always ask us what we like to eat – especially in this ward. My answer is always the same: “Meat.” If they want further clarification its usually: “Beef.” Evidently this ward has taken well to those statements. Steak on monday, Ribs on tuesday, Pork chops on wednesday. boo ya.

Oh and its not quite transfer week yet. That’ll be next week. But my comp will be going home.

Because of the fourth of july, we had our P-day on Tuesday. We kept it pretty low key and just hung out. nice to kinda relax for once.
Wednesday was an all day meeting but we had a couple of appointments that evening. so that went well. We spent the afternoon right after the meeting to begin our planing for zone training. We were coordinating with a set of Sisters that helped with the teaching. We let them plan the activity, because. Sisters=creative, Elders=not.
A majority of thursday was continuing planning, but we did have an appointment with a young man, Avery. He is being fostered by a sister in the ward. He is an awesome kid and actually has decided that he wants to be baptized! he talked about how reading the Book of Mormon made him feel good. it was really just super neat! There are some legal issues that will probably not let it happen right away, but we are going to atleast help him develop a testimony and knowledge for himself. He really enjoys church and is making a lot of friends.
Zone Training went pretty well. We talked about working with and engaging members in missionary work. We have realized 2 things. 1. Members are the KEY to missionary work and with their help it works out much better, and more souls are brought unto Christ. 2. The members in our stake dont really do much of any missionary work. So we thought it was a suiting topic to teach about. I think it went well and i can only hope and pray that the members here will step it up a bit and start to be more missionary minded.
This week i will find out if i get transferred next week! itd be pretty crazy if i do, but ya just never know.
loving the mission more and more each day. Miss you all dearly, but know I am here for a reason. Enjoy family time at bear lake this week and someone jump the wake for me!
love you all!
elder stark

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