July 18, 2016

A Monument-al Change

So my days in the 15th ward of the East Stake, thought seemingly shortlived, have come to an end. I will be getting transferred into the Monument ward of the Colorado Springs North Stake. The zone i previously covered consisted of the East Stake alone, but now will consist of both the East and North Stakes. Not sure if you remember while i was in Fountain, when i was in a trio with an elder johnson (as well as my trainer elder hunter). But Elder Johnson is going to be my companion again. I hear 2 things about Monument: its gorgeous and they have some money. So i guess we’ll see how that goes! It’ll be exciting for sure.

As far as this last week has gone, Elder Schilling still had on and off stomach issues. so that still got in the way. But we did have this one super cool lesson. We often do our planning for the week at the library in a study room to stay better focused. We also bring the neighboring elders with us so they can do the same. Well this week there werent gonna be any rooms available until about 45 minutes after we had gotten there, so we decided to do some family history on the computers while we wait. Well one of the other Elders and I checked out laptops to do so and went to this little corner room they have with couches. There was a lady in there reading that looked at us and asked, are you mormons? we smiled and said, yes we are! we asked her some questions to see if she had any friends or knew any mormons, to no avail; she just knew the nametags. We asked if she would be interested in learning about the church and she just nodded. we shared a short version of the restoration (lesson 1) and offered a book of mormon and pamphlet to her. for the next hour she was sitting in front of us reading the pamphlet, taking notes in the margins and asking us questions. She really liked everything about it, and was open to the following the prophet. A super cool experience for sure. The funniest part was that the wifi had gone down right before we got the laptops, meaning we were just sitting there to answer questions with no distractions. Then the minute she left, the wifi came back on.
The Lord truly is at the helm of this ship of life were on. So grateful for it and his constant guidance and help. Love the gospel of Jesus Christ, and am grateful to know about it.
With love,
Elder Stark

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