July 25, 2016

Hello! week 1 in the Monument ward comes to a close. This area is absolutely gorgeous! totally the type of place i want to live in! the people are super cool here and totally nice. the ward is great. they have a super good missionary spirit about them. the elder that i replaced here was elder tallman, one of the guys that came out with me. the ward loved him and he totally helped get a lot of work going.

we have an amazing investigator by the name of lizzy. shes a young mom that is going through some rough times with her family. shes had little things about the church planted in her life and actually went to seminary for awhile in high school. she is a devout catholic and sincerely wants to please god. she received an answer to a prayer a little while ago that she needed to pursue the lds church, she reached out to her jiu jitsu teacher that is a member in our stake, and he got our number to her. she called a few days before i got here telling them she would like to join the church. they taught her once, and now ive taught her twice more. she is solid as could be and totally believes this is the true church on the earth that the lord wants her to join. its so neat to teach her because her faith is so unshakable. Im honored to be one of the missionaries that gets to teach her. She has a baptismal date for august 6th and is so excited for it!
we have a few other people we are working with that ive met and to keep it short and simple, the lord is beginning to trust the monument ward with those he has prepared to receive his gospel. its powerful and im glad to get to see it happen.
we do a lot of service here because it has a lot of rural areas. one of the weekly things we do is cleaning out horse stalls. haha so we get to shovel poop! we also help out at goodwill by stocking the shelves and stuff! so thats pretty neat, you know how much i love goodwill haha, its pretty great here. lots of good old dirt roads and all 😉 we live with members right at the base of the mountains. and one of these days are gonna go hike “mt. herman” its seriously super close to where we live. such a pretty view, i feel like im in heaven. haha
i hope everything is going well for you guys, i love you all!
elder stark

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