July 5, 2016


IMG_4252.JPGI am so grateful for the country we have to live in. despite its imperfections, i know that this is the promised land. I am grateful for everything that the men and women have gone through before us so that we can have these freedoms. Yesterday we got to be a part of the 4th of July parade up in Monument (city just north of Springs). we had probably 50 missionaries there marching together. they had a float being towed, so some missionaries were sitting on that while others were handing out candy. and we were singing patriotic songs as well as some hymns. super fun and cool experience!

this week i found out that Don and Val dunford (the couple that got baptized in sand creek) have moved into a ward in the Colorado Springs Stake. The sister missionaries there gave me their email and said they are doing well! and getting ready to go do baptisms at the temple for the first time. that was super exciting to hear!
LuAnn, the sister that got baptized here, is also doing very well! we helped with her yard the other day. we were biking by and saw her getting her lawn mower out. we were like hey! well do that for ya! haha so we ran home and changed clothes and did some impromptu yard work for her. weve also had her 4th new member lesson now! Its really neat to see and hear her testimony as it grows.
This week we had exchanges with the APs (assistants to the president). So Elder Constantine and i were together. He is who preceded me in this area. So it was neat to be with him back in his old area! haha
We did service again for an older sister that we found tracting awhile back and she seems to be opening up to more discussion about the church. that is super exciting! she said that she actually has a book of mormon somewhere from a long time ago. she plans to look for it before we come over the next time.
this next week is gonna be hectic with an all day meeting wednesday, then teaching zone training friday. but the Lord always helps us get it all done. grateful for His help in everything i do.
Love you guys dearly!
Elder Stark

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