August 8, 2016

Beautiful Baptism

So Lizzy’s baptism did indeed happen on Saturday!!! such a great experience! She was sooo excited and nervous! it was great. Elder Johnson did the baptism and I was a witness with the elder that was serving here before me. Over all it was an absolutely amazing service. The spirit was strong and I don’t think a single soul there did not feel the power of the spirit. Her confirmation on Sunday was great as well. Our Ward Mission Leader voiced the blessing. It was a powerful weekend over all. I think the most exciting (because we did not expect it) was Lizzy getting up to bear her testimony in sacrament meeting. She does not like public speaking – she has told us on multiple occasions – but totally rocked it and bore an amazing and powerful testimony of why she came into the church. It was so neat. Over all I think it was the best Fast & Testimony Meeting I have ever been in.

Prior to the great weekend we had a very administratively busy week. We had an all day meeting Wednesday down in the springs. Followed by which we took our truck in to get the oil changed and have them check why the back right wheel has been squeaking and even wobbling a little bit (the second time its been taken in to figure that out since it started 2 months ago). They said they would have it done by closing that night, but didn’t. And after all the confusion between the shop, our vehicle coordinators and us. We ended up not getting it back until Friday midday. With a few unnecessary trips to the springs thrown in there. Oh and the problem persists even after replacing the supposed blown out shock. Then to top it off, someone backed into the side of the truck while it was parked. lol good times! Grateful we have a truck despite the issues that may arise!
This week though, I’ve been focusing on listening to and following the spirit. We had our monthly zone meeting on Friday and it was neat, as we were teaching our 45ish missionaries, to have the spirit take my comments elsewhere then where i had planned. It was a powerful meeting and i was able to receive yet another witness that this truly is THE true church on the earth today. I am so grateful for the knowledge of that, that the Lord has blessed me with. I love receiving the opportunity to share it with others and am grateful for those like Lizzy that are seeking the truth and have the faith to pursue it fully.
This Thursday I get to go to the temple for my year mark. It’ll be so exciting to be with the guys that i came from the MTC with. I look forward to the reunion with these great guys and the opportunity to enjoy the Temple and its amazing blessings. I hope the week goes well for you all! I love you all dearly!
Elder Stark

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