Aug 15, 2016

weeks fly by me like rocks flew by samuel the lamanite


another week has gone by without even blinking. i got the opportunity to attend the temple on thursday for pretty much all day. that was amazing in all aspects of the word. i was with beloved friends feeling a beloved presence of the spirit of the lord. i am so grateful for that opportunity to attend the temple. i now understand Malachi 4:5-6 a little bit better, and have felt the joy of bringing saving ordinances to the temple. in my last area i was able to do some family history, and for my jubilee i took 50 names for baptisms and between myself and the fellow missionaries, all of their baptisms and confirmations were completed. a truly neat experience to be a part of. after our trip to the temple, we had a testimony meeting with the group that went together. that was a huge, delicious, spiritual cherry to top off the day.  we all got the opportunity to bear testimony of how special the temple is, and the blessings received there.


this week we have gotten to meet with lizzy, who got baptized last week quite a few times. she is doing awesome and is so excited to go to the temple for baptisms as well as receive a patriarchal blessing. every time we get to be with her, its a spiritually uplifting experience for us all. she truly is amazing and is progressing well in the gospel. its amazing, elder johnson and i have been able to teach with a very noticeable power and unity. we gave a good tag team method going that members have constantly commented on that we shared exactly what they needed on that day, and did so with a power they havent seen much before. its been an awesome experience to be companions with him. weve had some powerful experiences that i dont feel should be shared at this time, but its been super neat. these are the mission moments that i will remember forever.


on saturday i got the opportunity to go on exchanges with elder tallman, who came out with me. he was serving here in monument before me and so he got to come visit the area and we had a blast. we did service at the usticks in the morning. thats where we used the skidsteer. they had some old couches that needed to be put in their trailer to go to the dump and elder tallman wanted so badly to learn how to use a skidsteer, so he used that to put the couches into the trailer. i thought id have him give me a little ride on the forks, which is what the picture was you got sent. they were also our dinner that evening and fed us some absolutely delicious and massive steak. it was a great day. lol brother ustick could not believe i finished the steak.


this coming saturday we have the opportunity to attend a “mission tour” at which Elder Andersen of the seventy will be. ive been asked to sing “come thou fount of every blessing” in a quartet and we have our second practice today. i look forward to the experience but not the nerves. lol its a simple yet beautiful arrangement. it also helps that its my favorite song. singing it brings back the memories of Kara singing it when i gave my farewell talk before i left. i can only pray that we will be able to sing it with the power and beauty that she did.


i appreciate the prayers and support and can feel their influence in my daily life. i am grateful beyond description for the gospel of jesus christ and the peace and comfort it brings to my life. i know that it can for others as well, which is why i am here. hope you all have a good week!



elder stark



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