Aug 22, 2016

Change is the only consistency in life

I have been transferred! I am now serving in the Fountain Stake again! I am in the 5th ward. The emergency transfer happened yesterday because our Mission President assigned a new Assistant to the President, and its me. lol For the week i will be in a trio, learning what to do until the actual transfer. I am with Elder Constantine and Elder LaRose. Elder LaRose and I will be the Assistants for the next 3 transfers. Elder LaRose came out with me and we served in the same district while i was in sand creek. He is awesome and im super excited to serve with him!! I look forward to the new fun with this assignment!

This week though has been really cool! We had Mission Tour, got to go to the temple with lizzy, as well as go to her patriarchal blessing! I also had two exchanges back to back on Tuesday and Wednesday. So its been busy. Good! But busy.

Starting at the beginning of the week, we got to go to Bass Pro Shop on Pday before we had singing practice. That’s always a good time, reminded me of our family cabelas trips we always took back home.

Tuesday I got to experience a day in the life of a ysa missionary. Its definitely super different from serving in family wards. Its super hard to find people and most of the members are either in schooling or work during the day. I was with an elder there and we had a really good experience, learned a lot from each other. He is a great teacher and I learned a lot about how to use the teaching skills taught in Preach My Gospel. We were able to connect well over shooting and hunting, he is a smalltown Idaho boy, a total cowboy.

Wednesday I got to be with Elder LaRose on exchanges! We always have a good time together so that was super fun. We had some really cool experiences from trying to find people that used to meet with the missionaries, to see if they would be interested in starting to meet with us again. We had two families that accepted us coming back and seemed pretty interested, so that was awesome!

Thursday was a lot of planning but also we got to visit with some elders that have been having a rough time together. We were able to help them come to a more mutual idea of what they wanted, as well as set some good goals for the companionship.

Friday was amazing. We went with Lizzy to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. She was able to be baptized in proxy for her sister. That was a beautiful experience to be able to be a part of. That afternoon we drove down to Pueblo, CO for a Mission Leadership Council, at which we were able to meet with, and be uplifted by, Elder Andersen of the Seventy, as well as elder Nattress of the Seventy. The Lord truly does answer prayers, yall. He spoke through these General Authorities to help me receive help, comfort and answers from my prayers throughout the week.

This experience continued into Saturday when we had our full mission tour that was all day spirituality. Lol it just helped my testimony of modern day revelation and that the Lord truly speaks through his servants on the earth. One of the coolest things that Elder Andersen taught us about, is the basic principles of faith, and the power that faith really holds. He said theres pretty much 3 things to faith: 1. It has to be centered in Christ and his Atonement. 2. We must conform our desires to His. 3. It must be accompanied with hard work. Faith without works is dead. That evening I received the phone called asking if I would be willing to serve as an Assistant to the President! So Sunday night I got transferred. Ill miss Monument because of its gorgeous, and the people are great but I know this is the Lord’s will, so I will trust in that.

I love you all so much and constantly think of you, your safety and your happiness. My new address for mail will be the mission office: 4090 Center Park Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80916.

Wish you all the best!


Elder Stark



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